Family holidays to Cancun: a certain winner!

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Family holidays to Cancun could be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. The multitude of activities, luscious all inclusive hotels and of course its white sand beaches, are always an enticing proposition for those who want a few days off along with their loved ones. The reasons for choosing to have family holidays to Cancun over any other long haul destination however, are not only limited to the above reasons but also include quite a few more perks.


The main selling point of a family holiday to Cancun can’t be anything else other than its spectacular beaches. Long stretches of fine white sand, palm trees and crystal clear waters always help put you in the mood for relaxing and enjoying the ample sunlight that the area enjoys almost all year round. The onsite amenities such as sunbeds, beach clubs and activities aimed at children will certainly keep everyone happy, putting Cancun amongst the top spots for a family holiday abroad.


Not everyone loves to laze by the beach all day and for those inclined to stretch their legs and try some new experiences, Cancun offers plenty of opportunities. From windsurfing to diving, hiking and golfing, Cancun is a true playground if you crave an adrenaline rush. The numerous sports clubs and equipment rental facilities dotting the area, offer anything you might need to practice and qualified instructors can take you through the basic steps of any activity you choose to engage in.


Make use of your family holidays to Cancun to learn about and taste the local gastronomy as there are loads more to try than fajita and enchilada mixes bought off of a supermarket back home. The calorific panuchos and traditional papadzules are a veritable treat and the local sweets such as pipian and atropellado de coco will certainly keep you and your children happy.


Another distinct feature of having family holidays to Cancun is witnessing the remnants of its impressive history. Owed to some of its first residents, the Mayas, the Yucatan peninsula is brimming with imposing archaeological sites open to the public for a relative fee. Book a tour to the ruins of Chichen Itza, Coba or the stunning (albeit a bit more distant) Tulum and marvel at the achievements of the almost extinct Mayan civilization.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are amongst the most usual family attractions in any resort town, however this is not the case with Cancun as the local parks are full of hidden treasures. Book a visit to Xel Ha or Xcaret eco-archeological parks for one or more full days of adventure for everyone involved. The usual waterslides, amusement rides and shows are well represented here as well but with a unique twist unattainable outside of Cancun. Snorkel or paddle through the breathtaking scenery of Xel Ha or explore the caves of Xcaret. Ziplines will take you over the rivers in both parks giving you the opportunity to splash in if you so choose. Make sure you keep some time off to visit them during your family holidays to Cancun and rest assured that everyone will love it.