Girls, 10 Things Should Keep on Travel

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We all know how challenging it is to choose the right things to take with us while travelling. No matter how many times we check , we always seem to forget one or the other important things and end up ruining some of our enjoyable time in trip, in worst cases; all of it. No matter what kind of girl you are, all of us come down to some common things that we just can’t leave behind on our travelling kit. Let’s have a look at these 10 must have things and try not to forget them next time we go on a trip.

  1. Gadgets: Cell phone is a must. To contact with friends and families also to access internet. You can even organize a playlist of the songs you might like to listen while hitting the road. That also leads us to girl’s best friend, headphone! An adaptable charger or power bank will save a lot of trouble. You won’t want to make a stop at stores every time your battery dies. And also keep electronic stuffs in the middle of the bag to avoid damages to them.
  2. Favorite books: A good book can always hit the spot while on road. You can relate more than you do at home. And it can be a good pass time if you’re alone in hotel before sleeping. Also some travel magazine to know what’s best at where you’re going. So you don’t miss anything.
  3. Necessities: Forgetting you wallet can turn very messy. So better not forget that and also such things as passports, tickets and travel info. It’s better to double check them before you leave home.
  4. Notebook and pen: Always comes in handy. You never know when you might need them. So better than asking strangers for one you might as well pack one in your bag.And you can always start a travel journal. Keep track of what you’re doing everyday and also plan for the next ones.
  5. Snacks: Along with water bottles there’s no harm in carrying some dry snacks. Some protein bars and chewing gum might be exactly what you crave in roads. If you’re motion sick, mint flavored gums can soothe you a bit.
  6. Sunglasses: Protecting yourself comes first even when you’re having fun out. Your skin needs the protection so why not eyes. If you’re travelling to a hot place with bright sun, you might want to protect those beautiful eyes of yours from UV-rays. It also adds up some style.
  7. First aid kit: You can never be too sure about your safety. If you’re out on hiking and such keep some ointments, antiseptic wipes and antibacterial cream with you. Even not in hiking, indigestion, sudden fever or anything can happen if you’re unlucky. Pain relief medication like Advil or Tylenol can be just what you need. Also keep some tissues and bandages. Better safe than sorry.
  8. Toiletries: No one wants to have a bad skin or hair day when you’re out to have fun. Remember to pack your
  • Shampoo and hair conditioner,
  • Toothpaste, mouthwash and toothbrush,
  • Deodorant or perfume,
  • face wash and body wash,
  • Hand sanitizer,
  • Nail clipper, extra glasses etc

Do not ever forget to bring make up that suits your skin and day cream if you don’t like tan. If you’re staying there for more than a few days, pack some pads or tampons – just to be safe.

  1. Travel Make up Mirror: Girls can’t pass a day without mirrors and a whole trip, no way. The ones in makeup kits may not always do the work for a perfect makeover. You may find best rated lighted makeup mirror more useful in that case.

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  1. Pocketknife: Knife is always useful wherever you are. While camping, you will need it in preparing food, setting fires and all other times when you’ll be grateful to yourself that you brought one.Also if you’re travelling without man, you might not know what you get yourself into. Defending yourself must be your top priority. You can startle and scare away most of them easily with it. But if things go out of your hand, just run andcall for help.

Conclusion: While on trip you are your own responsibility. And you can take a better care of yourself if you remember to pack necessary utensils. Travelling light is another important thing you need to remember. Stashing useless things will only make your journey uncomfortable and add to your burden. It can also cause hindrance to find the thing you need if there’s too much on your bag. So other than everything don’t forget to have a good time and sometimes enjoying your own company.