How to Choose a Roatan Vacation Rental

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There are many advantages to staying in a Roatan vacation rental unit instead of a hotel or resort.  Privacy, living among the locals and being able to cook your own meals are just a few of those advantages.  However, there are some differences in the booking process that you should keep in mind when choosing a vacation rental.  In this article we’ll go over some things you should consider when deciding on a vacation rental over a hotel.

Pick An Appropriate Vacation Spot

It’s possible to find vacation rentals in virtually any area of Roatan.  But the fact is, unlike most hotels and resorts, some vacation rentals may be located in areas that aren’t exactly what you would call tourist destinations.  For some people, this may be a good thing.  However, for others, spending weeks in an area that’s off the grid or in a working class neighborhood might not be what they expected when booking a vacation.  Before booking a vacation rental, understand what you’re looking for in a holiday and choose the area accordingly.

Choose The Right Location

Similar to choosing the appropriate vacation spot, choosing the right location within that area can play a major role in how enjoyable your holiday is.  Once again, unlike most resorts or hotels, vacation rentals aren’t necessarily located in areas known to be frequented by travellers.  As long as you’re clear as to what a proper vacation means to you and choose your location accordingly, then you should have no problems.  But if you’re hoping to lie on the beach every day, yet book a rental unit that’s nowhere near the beach of your choice, you may spend more time commuting than you would at home with your day job.  Decide what you want to do on your vacation and choose a location based on that.

Read The Reviews

Review sites like Tripadvisor receive a lot of traffic and community engagement for a reason.  Reading fellow traveller reviews cuts out any promotional hype associated with the people or businesses who are trying to sell you their wares.  If there are reviews available for the properties you’re considering, it’s well worth your time to read them thoroughly.  That said, it seems every review site has at least a few whiners and complainers, so it pays to read the reviews with a critical eye.  But if the overall consensus leans one way or the other, you can be fairly confident in the evaluation.

Learn The Check In Check Out Procedures

Compared to hotels or vacation resorts, the check in and check out procedures at a vacation rental will likely be very different.  It’s improbable you’ll be walking up to a 24 hour reception desk to sign in and receive your keys.  For this reason it’s very important to communicate with your hosts in advance to find out how you will check in and check out of the rental.  There’s not much more frustrating than having traveled for hours to end up at the front door of your new home away from home and have no idea where your host is.  Similarly, when it’s time to leave, understanding exactly what’s required of you for checking out will prevent a last minute scramble when time is limited.

Get The Right Amenities

Making sure that your vacation rental includes everything you need to have the holiday you were envisioning will prevent disappointment.  If you’re dependent on wifi (who isn’t these days?), cooking facilities or something as simple as a TV or radio, the onus will be on you to make sure they’re provided before you book.  Once again, a Roatan vacation rental may or may not have all the amenities that you would expect from a hotel.  You can be quite confident a hotel will provide soap and towels without having to request them, but you shouldn’t assume such things with a vacation rental.

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Photo Credit: Shawn Jackson