How to help a Dog Adjust to a new Home

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There is this common saying that ‘change’ is the only constant thing in life, and when relating this statement to our lifestyle and various endeavors, we would realize how true the phrase happens to fall in line. I want to assume that quite a large number people have had the cause to move to a new home due to one reason or the other, and for those that have some level of psychological attachment to the former home, they tend to find it difficult or reluctant in emotionally settle to the new home for some time. However, what I am driving at is that dogs which are known to be man best friend also experience the above scenario and I am glad to know this write-up contains ways in which dog owners can help make their canine best friends adjust to their new home.

  • One sure way of helping your dog(s) adjust fast to a new home is spending time with it. For instance, maximizing the use of your cave bed for dogs may be helpful in keeping the dog calm and warm while you sit beside its stroke its hair: this makes the dog more relaxed seeing that you care.
  • For those that move with their dogs to the new home, you should try indulging in old routines that the dogs are familiar with because it makes them connect rapidly to the new.
  • You can give your dog a treat by introducing one of the best low sodium dog foods in its meal to help boost its taste and nutritional level because the change of location sometimes affects their appetite.
  • In the situation where you feel the urge to replace certain household appliances such as furniture, rugs or other desired item in the new home, it is advisable to take the process slowly. At least introduce those items into the house gradually and not all at ones; this would enable the dog get acquainted with the environment and as well feel more at ease.
  • Endeavor to create a connection between the dogs and other occupants of the new home. It helps the dog relate to them as friendly allies and it further gives create a perception of being in a home away from home.
  • Don’t forget to frequently walk your dog. Some may think that is not that necessary but it is, and it helps the dog familiarize itself with the immediate environment new home.
  • Do not underestimate the power of playing out with the dog. Do some throwing and catching games and you would see that such activity would enhance its mood.

Furthermore, try taking or familiarizing the dog to every section of the house. Actions, as we know, speak louder than words; this gives the dog the perception that it is really welcome in the new home. I have actually heard of a woman that went to the extent of literally showing the dog her favorite items which include her MacBook laptop, makeup box, coffee making electric kettle, recipe books, shoes and jewel collections among other things; and all this in the bid to make her dog feel at home. However, when considering all that has been highlighted in this piece, you will know by now that you need unwavering patience to go through the process of giving that intelligent man’s best friend the chance to perfectly fit into a new home.