Istria, Croatia – A Small Piece of Heaven on Earth

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Are you planning your next big vacation to Istria, Croatia? If so, then you and your family need a relaxing place to stay. How about renting a villa with a pool in Istria? Yes, there are many villas with pool in Istria,and we are here to help you find the right one. But first, let’s highlight a few things about Istria to help you reach an informed decision

Istria is the largest peninsula in Croatia. It is renowned as one of the country’s richest regions with a pleasant climate, breathtaking landscape, exotic wine,and gastronomy. How about the locals? They are one of the friendliest people on earth, modern in every aspect yet still cherish their aged long tradition.

The major reason why visitors flock to Istria every year is that of its scenic beauty and charm.  The rugged, concave coastline is hugely popular amongst beachgoers. Despite the fact that the beaches are pebbly, you’ll find loads of Istria vacation villas with pool.

Across the waters of Istria lies Italy and during the hot summer months, the region is a base for thousands of Italians who visit for the fresh seafood and excellent pasta. Food enthusiasts will definitely love their stay here. Popular places to visit include Porec, Rovinj, and Pula. For a bite of the best truffles in the region, visit Bizet.There’sactuallyplenty of things to do and see in order to keep you busy all through.

The peninsula is so small that you can get a car rental and explore the entire region within a space of an hour. In Istria, everything you see including the building, town,and anything has a story to tell.

So Why Should You Book a Villa

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Unlike a resort, villa rentals offer you the much-needed privacy for your vacation. No noisy neighbors to disturb your peace. No strange looking faces staring at you as you walk past. You get the freedom to do whatever pleases you.


Villas come with great amenities for convenience. The villas with pool in Croatia are fully equipped with state of the art amenities including outdoor swimming pool, well-furnished kitchen, kid’s play area, garden and much more. Everything you need for a memorable vacation experience is available.

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