Jerusalem Day Tours – Visit Israel’s Holly City

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Considering spending some magical time in taking a brief tour around Jerusalem or even a one-day tour in this ancient city? Whether you wish to take a bike trip, a culinary tour or even visiting Bethlehem and its surroundings, continue reading this article to get some good ideas for your next trip to Jerusalem.

Iconic Sites to see in Jerusalem Day Tours

The main goal in day tours that are taking place in Jerusalem is to see all the iconic sites while also concentrating on one particular facet of this amazing city – whether it’s archaeological and historic gems, spiritual landmarks or following Jesus footsteps. Jerusalem as you must already know, is a location of main importance to the three primary religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Jerusalem day tours allow you to find iconic sites just like the Western Wall, the famous Mount of Olives, the Rock’s golden Dome and actually walk the same the path Jesus went through about two thousand years ago along the Via Dolorosa.

Jerusalem serves as the capital city of Israel. It has a colorful and meaningful history that goes back many years; It is a spiritual home for different cultures since it is Holy to Christians, Jews and Muslims.The city is located in a mountainous area, and referred to as “Golden Jerusalem” due to the golden building blocks used construct all the buildings in the golden city. There’s no doubt, Jerusalem is the biggest jewel in Israel’s crown.

Popular Sites to Visit in Jerusalem day tours

The Holocaust Museum named “YadVaShem” is a very popular site to visit during Jerusalem day tours. Additional recommended places include the Tomb of King David and a special must visit point that offers a panoramic view of most of the capital city of Israel.

If you want to see the city in a unique way, take a Jerusalem tour which requires stepping down to beneath the “City Of David” that have been excavated three thousand years ago. Touring companies in Israel are usually offering comfortable transportation alongside with a knowledgeable authorized tour guide.

The Old Town is included in most of the day tours in i Jerusalem. In the Old City you will discover the modern-day Jerusalem, a captivating and powerful place filled up with bustling cafés. restaurants, and full of life and culture. The Old Town of Jerusalem is surrounded by ancient and fortified walls. This area of Jerusalem is actually A huge complex of thin cobblestone paths filled with stone homes plus the bustling markets, mosques, churches and synagogues. Here you’ll discover the Tomb of Christ and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which includes the Western Wall, which is the holiest monument for the Jews.

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