Most Visited Attractions in Singapore

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Singapore is not a big city. But that doesn’t mean Singapore is boring or dull.

Singapore is almost as energetic as Hong Kong or any other big city. It is a jam pack with fun spots and unexplored passageways, waiting for tourists to explore.

To start it off, why don’t we have a look at the top tourist attractions of Singapore?

Sentosa Island:

Sentosa is an island located just one cable car ride away from the city, and it is really a full package that caters to any tourists.

While Singapore isn’t known for its beaches, the coastlines and the beaches of Sentosa Island are certainly a good place to chill and enjoy life, or just for any water activities.

If you are looking for family activities, you should definitely check out Sentosa Skyride Luge, as you hurtle down slopes and navigate through all the bumpy obstacles along the way, while enjoying the thrill and the scenery of South China Sea!

Besides the Luge Ride, The world famous Madame Tussauds, along with IFly Singapore (which is an in-door diving attraction) are also here. Vivo City, the biggest shopping mall in the town, is also just next to Sentosa Island, and you should definitely visit it on your way back to the city.

Universal Studios Singapore

While being the smallest Universal Studios around the world, this 20 hectare large theme park located in Sentosa does pack the punch to ensure a thrilling visit. Whether you are traveling alone or with your family, The Universal Studios Singapore will sure cater your needs.

Out of all the shows and sights that you are going to encounter, The ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ the special effect show is the most impressive, as you get the chance to experience special effects as if you were in the set of a movie. You’ll also get to experience themed rides that are based on famous Universal series, such as Madagascar, Transformers and Revenge of the Mummy. If you are lucky, you might bump into one of your favorite characters – be sure to say hi and take a photo with them!

National Orchid Garden

Located inside the Singapore Botanic Garden, The National Orchid Garden hosts the most impressive orchid collection anywhere in the world. This is one of, if not, the best orchid gardens you’ll ever visit.

Nurturing over 1,000 pure species and 2,000 hybrids, The National Orchid garden is known for naming new species of orchid with the names of celebrities and political figures around the world. Princess Diana, Margret Thatcher or even Xi Jin-Pin, along with hundreds of new orchid species, awaits tourists at the VIP Orchid Garden.

The National Orchid garden is also a piece of colonial history. Burkill Hall, located just outside the Orchid garden, is one of the only few buildings that was built before the 1900s and was preserved.

Marina Bays Sands

While we are talking about tourist attractions, hotels are not the first thing that you would think of. However, there are some very good reasons that Marina Bays Sands is on this list.

Once known as the most luxurious hotels around the world, Marina Bays Sands is home to a casino, a rooftop infinity pool, a SPA and massage center, a shopping mall hosting all sorts of big brands and duty free shops, and of course a resort. The rooftop here is one of the best places to get a bird’s eye view on this glamorous city.

While we are on the subject of traveling and accommodation, why not check out Cathay Pacific and our choices of flights?

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer provides another way to see the city.

Being one of the tallest structures in Singapore, the Ferris Wheel itself is a thing of wonder and beauty. But the magic truly starts once you began your ride, as you enjoy a panoramic view from the top of the city. With good weather, you’ll even see Malaysia or Indonesia looming from a distance!

Singapore Zoo

While the location is far from downtown Singapore, the popularity of Singapore Zoo has never been higher.

Unlike many other big zoos around the world, Singapore Zoo is cage-less. While visitors will sometimes have to maintain distance with the animals, it is nice to see animals roaming freely and lively on the field instead of withering inside a cage.

The line ups of animals – which include giraffes, elephants, polar bears, white rhinos and white tigers – are just incredible. If you are with your kids, why not bring them to the Rainforest KidzWorld, the water playground area, and make some splashes?

Merlion Park

The Merlion statue is one of the icons of Singapore, that this mythical creature somehow becomes synonymous with Singapore. While there are a few different Merlion statues scattered throughout the city, the one that’s featured most frequently on postcards and photographs has to be the one in Merlion Park.

Located just next to the Marina Bay, you can spot the lion-headed fish-body sculpture spouting water just next to the Raffles Place MRT station. If you are looking for a unique angle to take photos or simply would like to avoid the crowd, come by the evening and enjoy the sunset!

Lau Pa Sat

If you would like to experience the everyday life of Singapore, look no further than the Food Centers around the city, where locals frequently visit them. Among them, Lau Pa Sat is the most popular choice.

Some of the local favorites include Hainanese Chicken Rice, Fish Head Rice Noodles, Porridge, Bak-Kut-The, and of course Satay. With a bottle of cold beer, this is surely going to fill any empty stomach and refill your energy.

Little India

Singapore is a multicultural city, so there is no surprise you’ll find Little India, an area dedicated to the ethnic communities of Singapore.

The Little India is packed with Hindu Temples that are mesmerizing as the city itself. The Little India Arcade is filled with fellow travelers looking for street food and souvenirs. If you are looking for a lively area to explore, this is one place that you don’t want to miss.

With so much to do in Singapore, why are you still staring? Your journey awaits you. Fly to Singapore and book your tickets now to start your adventure!