Places to Shopping in Vietnam

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Do you love shopping? If that us your case, Vietnam is one place that you can’t afford to miss visiting as it have a wide collection of friendly prices quality products.

I believe you might now be asking yourself where to go in Vietnam when you are in your shopping trip. Right?

Below is a list of places and things you can visit in Vietnam when on your shopping mission by

Souvenir hunters

If you love purchasing souvenirs for remembrance of the place you visits or for your business, Vietnam is your answer. This is because Vietnam is a country where you can get a rich selection of classy momentos and handicrafts. The souvenirs varies greatly from colonial period up-to-date and also they varies with ethnicity of the people in the country.

In Vietnam, place where you can purchase souvenirs at an affordable prices and of best quality includes Hanoi, Hoi An and in the city of Ho Chi Minh. Some souvenir sellers have fixed prices while other can give you a chance for negotiation especially in rural and market areas.

Arts, crafts and clothing

If you are into arts, crafts and clothing either for your own or for your business, Vietnam can be your solution. You can at an affordable prices get stuffs like sun-proof fronds, conical hat and even non la from the Hue city.

Also, poem hat which show vietnam legendary scenes and ao dai can be bought in many places across the country. If your vacation time is long, you can decide to have a tailor made fitting clothing starting from just $40 which mostly depend on the material used.

If you are in need of local Vietnamese silk for purchase you can get it in various market and also in outlets of Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi Hang Gai.

For accessories and ready made clothes you can shop them on Hoi An’s as the city is known for it long term reputation. Accessories includes shoes and silk handbags. Hoi An’s will give you a chance to purchase some quality clothing.

Cotton made Sheets, tablecloths souvenir and pillowcases and even T-shirts are mostly available in many of tourists destination in Vietnam. Uncle Ho, portrait designs are the most popular.

Traditional handicrafts

If you are the kind of a person who loves traditional handicrafts, Vietnam can help you with a quality selection of the craft at an affordable prices. For instance you can’t afford to miss lacquerware which is a beautiful and most popular in Vietnam. Lacquerware is light in nature meaning no extra weight will be added to your luggage. You get it in most tourist destination across Vietnam.

Bronze, jades and brass

If you are a fun of either bronze,jades and brass you can easily get them in Hue in Vietnam. Mostly bronze and brass are in forms of jewellery, figurines or even carving. Ceramics and porcelain are also available across the country.

Also you can consider buying animal figurines or ceramic elephants which are very affordable though you might consider a way to take them home. Traditional musical instruments, water puppets, campoh wood and aratic cinnamon can be a great choice for you to invest your money on. Fabric shimmering braids and shoulder bags are also sold at large in Vietnam as they are ethical representation of Vietnam culture. In the central highland of the Vietnam, you can find fashion backpacks, mats, baskets, bamboo pipes and other basketwork. In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city you will find handicrafts for sales at cheaper prices but of better quality. If you are in need of Hmong clothes, skull-caps, bags and woven fabrics you will find them in far north of Vietnam in a place known as Sa pa. You can also find them in northern mountains in the markets.


If you the kind of the person who loves painting, visiting Vietnam can be of great help to you. In Vietnam, you will find classy, quality fine arts and thriving paintings. In the Hanoi, Hoi, and Ho Minh city you will have a chance to find paintings of oil, lacquer, charcoal, watercolour and even silk weaving drawn and decorated by the best artists in the country of Vietnam. If for sure you are in need of the perfect contemporary art, make sure you visit Hanoi which is the best place known for contemporary art. To ensure you buy quality painting, ensure you buy them from a well known gallery with good reputation.

Stamps, books and coins

In Vietnam and especially on Ho Chi minh city and Hanoi there are many books vendors whom will enables you to get ever published and photocopied book editions in Vietnam without much struggle. In bonafide bookshops and upmarket you can get histories publication, guides and locally coffee-table published books.For general reading material you should prefer visiting Ho Chi minh city and Hanoi city where you will get vendors selling second hands books.

Foodstuff Bronze for selection cat

Food stuffs that you might be tempted to buy in Vietnam includes central highland coffee, strawberries and artichoke tea and preserved tangerines from Hoi.

From the above information, it’s now evident that you can have an enjoyable, great and successful shopping trip in Vietnam. Its therefore recommendable you visit Vietnam today and you will love the experience.