Taxi from Bangkok to HuaHin

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Thailand is one of the most visited tourist destinations. There is a lot to see and experience in this place. When you land to Bangkok, Thailand from your country, you will need to move to a place where you will have enough fun. Many of the tourists opt to go HuaHin. This place is full of fun as the most excellent beaches are located here.

Using public transport to move from Bangkok to HuaHin might be a bit challenging especially when you are new to the place. This is why you may need to hire a taxi from Bangkok to HuaHin. There are many companies offering taxi services to HuaHin, and Thai happy taxi is one of the most trusted and used companies.

You don’t need to stand by the roadside and wait for a taxi. You will only make a booking, and you will be collected from the airport or whichever location you choose. After making a booking, the driver usually arrives within a few minutes and the whole process will take around three and half hours to HuaHin. The distance between Bangkok and HuaHin is something like 200 kilometers. You will enjoy the trip as there is a lot to see and experience.

Why you need to hire a taxi service from Bangkok to HuaHin

Stress-free trip

Moving to HuaHin using a taxi service will be more comfortable and stress-free. With taxi services, you don’t need to master any route as taxi drivers know the area well and they will take you to your final destination without any hassle. You can imagine how irritating it could be waiting two hours for an independent taxi to collect you from the airport. With Thai happy taxi you will not wait longer, after making a call the driver will arrive within five to ten minutes.

Professional drivers

Another advantage of hiring a taxi service is that they have professional drivers who have undergone specialized training. They are courteous and friendly making your trip worry free and enjoyable. These drivers are committed to offering high-quality service, and you will not regret hiring one.


Using a taxi company will be cheap when compared to independent taxi drivers. A company will have fixed charges, and the driver can not charge you extra cost. This means whatever the company charges you is what all you will incur. The main problem with independent taxi drivers is that they may charge you excess in case you are new, and you don’t know the rate.

The rate of return trip Bangkok to HuaHin starts from about 4,000 Baht. The distance covered is about 400 kilometer so that’s about 10 Baht (33 cents) per kilometer. This has to be among the most economical per kilometer fares in the world. This gives you all the more reason to use taxi to HuaHin. And remember, the difference in service is wide-ranging be sure to do favor and pick a reputable company. Let Thai Happy Taxi be your provider of choice.

How to book a taxi

The whole process of ordering a taxi from Bangkok to HuaHin will take a few minutes.

Step 1: Fill the form from the company’s website, fill your departure time and date, location, destination, and your preferred vehicle.

Step 2: Then you will wait for the approval which will take a short time.

Step 3: After your booking is approved you will meet with the driver at the exact location and time.


Hiring a reputable taxi company for your trip from Bangkok to HuaHin will save from the stress associated with independent taxi operators.