The ultimate packing list for yacht’s charter vacation or sailing trip

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Are you thinking to take sailing adventure in Dubai with friends or family? Well, this is the best idea that hits your mind today. Pack your bags and make your sailing adventure memorable by booking Charter yachts Dubai today. But, wait a minute! What things should I pack for yacht’s trip? Well, you shouldn’t exhaust your mind with this thought. Here, I’m mentioning a complete packing list that includes all things that you require to bring on yacht for comfort, fun, and safety.


If you’re planning to be yachting with your family for 3-5 days. Then pack following things for each individual member of your family. As Dubai’s climate is not too freezing, so it’s good to pack lighter clothes for boarding in charter yachts Dubai.

Dresses: Pack around 6-8 dresses that includes 3-4 t-shirts with 2-3 pants and one set of trousers. Pack 2-3 formal dresses for dinner.

Swimsuits: 2-3 swimsuits will be enough for this short trip and pack 2 pairs of shorts.

leggings: As nights in the sea are colder; keep 2-3 leggings and 3-4 pairs of socks in luggage.

Undergarments: Well, three bras and four underwear set are enough for 5-day sailing trip.

Jackets and shrugs:  Pack one light jacket or raincoat to keep your body warm in colder evenings. You can pack 1-3 shrugs depending on space left in luggage.

Towels: Pack a pair of towel set. One that you wear for drying after swimming while using another towel after showers.


Sneakers: Sneakers look classy and suitable for yachting tour. Tennis shoes are also a great option.

Flip-flops: For shower or boarding, you must keep a pair of flip-flops.

Sandals: Well, I can’t stop young ladies here. As they are fond of wearing high heels on any trips or events. But it’s good if you prefer nice shoes or small heels rather than high heels. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable in any case.


Sunglasses: Today, sunglasses have become a fashion statement. It’s good to bring 2 pairs of sunglasses. In case of loss or breakage of one pair, you have another pair to prevent your eyes from sun’s UV rays and eye bags.

A Hat: A fashion accessory that is required to cover your head, ears, and face. Hat greatly protects your skin from tan in yacht trip. Friendly speaking, it looks classy when you wear sun hats on the beach or yacht’s trip.

Sunscreen: Higher SPF of sunscreen offers better UV protection. Ensure that you pack water-proof and oil-free sunblock as you are reapplying it 3-5 times in a yacht’s day trip. Plus, avoid using tanning oil as it may stain fabric or wood of yacht. It is recommended that

Lip balm: Lip balm helps to keep your lips hydrated on a sailing trip.

Aloe Vera: As few skin types don’t like too much sunscreens applications. Then, in this case, Aloe Vera is the best choice as it contains a complete pack of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, enzymes and Vitamins inside. It gives a punch of moisturizer and works as a natural sunblock to your skin.

 Mandatory documents:

Licenses and travel documents: While going for a sailing trip, keep charter contracts and travel documents with yourself in case of an accident. Place them in most-secured place of your luggage.

Passports: Keep original and photocopies of your passports and visa documents. It’s good if you place them in a handy pouch or under-shirt security pouch.

Money: Well, money is not required while yachting trip as the company offers a complete package. But, if you want to keep some currency or money with you, then place it in Ziploc bags. As Ziploc bags secure money to become wet in case of an accident.

Electronic items:

Power bank or solar charger: Yachts have limited sockets or electric outlet in cabins. So, if you have an extra battery of your own, then you should bring it on your trip rather than waiting for your turn for hours.

Camera: Either you’re carrying a DSLR or other cameras; pack them properly with their adopters. For charter yachts Dubai, smart packing is a great idea. Keep your favorite camera lens in trip rather than packing 4-5 lens that you don’t regularly use.

Favorite CDs or USB: Usually, all yachts have a CD players facility. It offers more reliability than mp3 players and iPods. So, make your trip more enjoyable by collecting albums in a USB or CD.


Motion sickness medicine: Always keep seasickness pills or patches in your packing items either you have seasickness or not. It’s better to remain prepared for any unpleasant health conditions.

Prescribed daily medicines: If you are taking doctor’s prescribed medicines on daily basis, then ensure that you place it in your luggage or handbags. The prescribed bottle must have your name and proper labeling/ details.

Sleeping pills: Sometimes, people find hard to sleep in continuous motion boat or yacht. So, if you have such insomnia then sleeping pills work great.

Diva cup: Well, females should pack all lady medicated products in their bags. For yachting or boating, diva cup is the best choice as you don’t have always time to change.

Vaseline & Eye drops: Seawater is salty; therefore, it may cause eye irritation and skin dryness after swimming. It’s good if you keep eye drops and Vaseline moisturizer in your luggage to deal with these kinds of issues.


Shampoo & Conditioner: Well, salty water detangles hairs quickly. Don’t forget to pack shampoo and hair conditioner in your luggage bag. Use it 1-2 times daily on your yacht trip. As it helps to keep hairs silky, smooth, shiny and wavy all day.

Toothbrush & toothpaste:Are you going to upload images on Instagram and Facebook with paled or yellowish teeth? No, never!  We all are fond of capturing enthralling images for our social media profiles. For a pleasant and white-bright smile, these essentials must be packed in your luggage. You may have a facility of toothpaste and toothbrushes in your yacht package trip. But, it’s good to pack your personal ones for otherwise situation. Don’t forget to put a snap on the casing; as it, bristles remain secure from dirt, or anything else on a toothbrush.

Body wash & soap: If you have a single carry-on bag, then soap is preferable as it is easier to pack.

Deodorant:Keep deodorant or body sprays in your luggage to deal with your bad body odors. Keep yourselfsmelling nice and pleasant!

Razors & nail clippers: One would be enough for a yacht trip. These kinds of accessories are normally allowed in carry-on luggage. You may check yacht’s regulations related to items before boarding.

Clips/ Hair ties: As you can’t keep your wavy hairs open for 24-hours. It’s good if you pack 3-5 hair ties to keep hairs off your neck rather than on the face.

Makeup:I know, you already prepared a make-up pouch. Just put your favorite gloss, blush on, brush, BB cream, body wipes and sunscreen tubes inside it. Ensure that all your makeup items are away from a heated place or direct sunlight as these delicate items are not heat-friendly. You can also place bracelets, earrings or any jewelry that you love in your makeup pouch.

 Food & water:

Favorite herbs:Sometimes, people get attached with few flavors up to an extent that they can’t even imagine a single meal without it. If you think that either you or your family has such kind of fondness with any food herbs, then pack all relevant herbs. Put all those favorite herbs, spices, peppers, or sauces in Ziploc bags or air-tight jar for adding a zing to yacht’s meal dishes.

Food:The company packs all food and water while chartering a yacht or sailboat. But, you can pack following yummy food items to feed your tummy;

  • Coffee sachets
  • Snacks
  • Canned juices
  • Dry pasta
  • Cereal bars

Water:Ensure that you’re consuming one-gallon mineral water in yachting trip on daily basis. A properly hydrated body keeps many other diseases away.

 Miscellaneous items:

  • Matches
  • Playing cards
  • Torch/flashlight
  • Notebook/ pen for writing notes about yacht’s trip
  • Coloring books for kids
  • Eye masks or earplugs
  • Aluminum foil
  • Ziploc bags
  • Clothespins
  • Books

Things to forget:

Well, yacht adventure gives a great time to reconnect with family and friends. Therefore, it’s time to disconnect with the following items completely;

  • Your Laptop
  • A mind that stuck in office work
  • Your mobile

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