Top 4 beaches on Koh Samui, Thailand

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If you were taking a vacation on Koh Samui, you better be a beach and water lover. Of course, Koh Samui offers more than just what you can find in the waters. Besides the famous Big Buddha and Jungle Safari tours, the beaches are where the real fun lies. Koh Samui gives you an assortment of beautiful beaches alongside fantastic experiences to make them all worth it. Here, we have detailed Koh Samui best beaches and the very things that make them unique too.

Chaweng Beach

A list of Koh Samui beaches is best started with a mention of the Chaweng Beach, and for more reasons than one. Being the biggest beach on the island, it also looks to be the most developed of all the beaches around. The only trade off to all the fun you could have here is that it also happens to be the busiest of the bunch, so don’t expect any serenity here – unless you can get there very early before the crowds start trooping in. When you do get to Chaweng beach, you are treated to the lush feel of powdery white sand beneath your feet, the coordinated rise and fall of the waves which is ideal for surfing as well as an amazing nightlife to match.

Silver Beach

If you were ever looking for one of the beaches to go snorkeling at, you can never get it wrong with Silver Beach. If you are lucky to visit the beach at a time when the tides are gentle, there is no telling how many fish species you would encounter in your underwater experience. However, snorkeling is not the only thing that makes Silver beach one of the top beaches in Samui. Being a much smaller beach, it offers the kind of calm and serenity that you would miss out on at Chaweng Beach. A combination of majestic boulders against the picturesque landscape also makes this location one of the most aesthetically pleasing on all of the island. Finished off with a pick of original resorts for people staying the night, Silver Beach has more to offer than it lets on.

View from the drone on the Choengmon sand beach line,koh Samui island,Thailand

Lipa Noi Beach

Many travelers might not rate Lipa Noi beach high on their radars, but this is one location that is extremely friendly to kids. The beach is characterized by extremely shallow waters, which makes it even safer for the younger ones coming with you on the journey. Pair that with an absence of rocks and a no-show for corals, and you will see why we love to take families here. Finally, you must have guessed that the beach will have a calm and relaxing vibe to it. Again, this is what a family will be looking for when they are on vacation.

Bophut Beach

Thinking about a beach where you can walk through and enjoy your exploration? The long coastline at Bophut beach could do the magic for you. This also means you get to meet a lot of different other tourists on the beach. You would not be surprised to see some of them playing games which you can easily get in on. Besides making friends, Bophut beach is known for stretching between the Big Buddha statue and

the Maenam Beach. Lest we forget, the resorts and spas are places to check out for a wholesome experience. You can continue your research on the best beaches on Koh Samui with – a fantastic database on many islands across Thailand!