What are the Most Lovely Spots for Surfing?

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The best time can be spent on the beach, if you have the most favorable conditions for surfing. This statement would approve lots of surf-riders all over the world.  There are many pleasant corners in the world, where people who are fond of surfing can realize their dreams and catch a wave. Some of these corners are better than others for surfing according to the features such as wind, high tides and area topography.

Which of them and in what seasons can create ideal waves for surfing? What places are better for beginners and what for professional? If you don’t know the answers for these questions, you can meet additional difficulties at the very beginning of your surfing tour. So, making an eyeball surf observation is a very important point. On the basis of surf reports you can easier take the decision, what spot for your surfing should be chosen and in what time of the year.

Short Sands Surf Report

Short Sands can be considered as one of the most powerful favorable beachbreaks in Maine. Susceptible sand allows surfing at any level of tide. Surrounding rocks have a refraction off which causes a real wedgy peak, where you can jack up. But consider that the waves are too difficult for beginners there, so if you’re intending to be unwary, choose another spot for this invention.

Short Sands is located in a State Park, and surfers aren’t allowed to surf in summer there. You’d better choose winter for this deal, but take into account that storm water runout is a real danger for you at that time. As for advantages, you’d hardly meet lots of people in that spot, so the beach is at your service.

Bamburgh Beach Surf Report

Bamburgh is located in North East England. Consistent surf is its landmark. You’d better choose winter and spring to go in for surfing there. Offshore winds are blowing there from the southwest. Groundswells and Windswells are approximately equal. The most favorable swell direction will be from the northeast.

Surfing will be pretty good irrespectively to the high tide stage. One of its disadvantages is that the spot could be overcrowded. Rips could constitute a danger even for experienced surfers.

Surfing Trips for Bantham Beach

Bantham beach is well-known surfing spot in South Devon. Mellow waves are real advantage for beginners, but if you’re experienced surfer, the mouth of River Avon will present to you stormy breaks and rips, so you would be satisfied with them. This place is pretty good for the ankle slappers as well as for skilful surfers.

There are quite enough facilities in this beach. All the detailed essentials can be bought in the local shop at the beach. From May to September dogs aren’t allowed on the beach and if you’re intending to have a great surfing, choose this period of time to spend there.

Saunton Sands Beach – Golden Coast for Surfing and Swinging Rest 

It is a core place of golden coast of North Devon. You’ll see endless sandy spot backed by the magnificent Braunton Burrows. This place is lovely for surfers, especially for beginners and intermediate ones. It’s never ceasing stretch of water, presents unbelievable feelings. But if you are a high-class surf-master, maybe, Rest Bay will be more interesting for you. Choosing it, consider the rip, which can take a surfer around the rocky headland. You’ll be taken to the left side of the beach and catch incoming tide. East wind direction is the best there. The best swell angel is coming from Southwest. All tide stages allow go in for surfing. Consider that this place is rocky and it is often overcrowded.