Why Bangkok is an Amazing Travel Destination

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Western travelers have been flocking towards South Asia for quite some time for a retreat for the pocket-friendly yet exotic destinations. From modern Singapore to the exotic Maldives that serve the richer tourist, to the diverse Malaysia and lush green Sri Lanka that offer much more economical yet breathtaking destinations. One of the fastest emerging tourist hot spots in South Asia is Thailand. What was once a third world economy with mostly fishing villages scattered across the coastline of the country, is now one of the most incredible tourist destinations.

The rich and diverse culture of the country, its mostly unexplored beaches and exotic corralling reefs, dense forests, and wildlife along with very economical pricing makes it one of the most favorite destinations. However, Thailand is mostly famous for its pristine islands farther from the capital, and most tourists generally let Bangkok pass.

Despite the fact that Bangkok is the primary host for most tourists, being the largest international airport in the country, most people take a connecting flight to their final destination, without making longer transits in the urban capital. Probably the concentration of concrete buildings and urban infrastructure repels many travelers to make a stopover in the capital unless they are business tourists. Here are a few reasons why a Bangkok tour is a must and should not be skipped if you are visiting Thailand.


Anyone who prioritizes entertainment when picking up a travel destination should not miss Bangkok. It is an amazing entertainment destination with colorful night streets dotted by night clubs, bars, and pubs. In the recent past, the city has also emerged in the international entertainment arena as a major entertainment destination. Bangkok has been hosting reputed film awards, screening, and even movie shoot for quite some time. Film industries as large as Bollywood has often used Bangkok as a destination for its major movie award shows. The city has also been used as a shooting destination for Hollywood movies such as Hangover.


You simply cannot resist shopping when in Thailand. From the floating markets to the night bazaars to the high-end shopping malls, Thailand has it all. While also every Thai destination offers some kind of a shopping experience, Bangkok beats all of them and many other South Asian neighbors. It is recommended that you shop from Bangkok instead of other destinations for cheaper prices.

Nearby Attractions

Do not be put off by the concentration of high-rise buildings and so much brick and mortar and traffic around when in Bangkok. It has a lot of attractions to offer to keep you hooked. From one of the best safaris in the world to some exciting theme parks and beautiful Chinese temples, Bangkok has a lot to offer. If the city still fails to keep you excited, you can take day trips to nearby destinations such as Pattaya, Ayuthaya, and Kanchanaburi.


For many travelers, food is a very important concern so much so that food travel is a dedicated travel category. Thai food is already famous for its rich and flavorful cuisine, however, Bangkok has a lot more to offer. Besides Thai, it also offers, continental, Indian, Arabian and a variety of other tantalizing food options.