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3 Tips To Know When You?ˆ™re Taking A Weekend Golf Getaway
Monday, 04 January 2021

Is there anything better than a quick weekend golf getaway? Get out of town for a couple days, play some new golf courses, and experience a new city or part of the country. We would say there is no such thing as a bad weekend golf getaway, but it is important you do some planning to get the most out of your time and money.

Before we get to our specific tips for your trip, what kind of getaway do you have in mind? Is this a romantic getaway, a rowdy weekend, or a serious golf competition? Are you looking to spare no expense or keep to a tight budget? The answers to these questions should be in your mind as you review the below.

1. Pick The Perfect Track(s) For Your Weekend

First things first, how many holes do you plan to play? Do you plan to play both days and/or multiple rounds in one day? If you are interested in playing more than once, we definitely recommend you play different courses. Look for a resort that has 36 or 54 holes. Potentially, you can stay and play in the same location and will receive discounted green fees for playing more than one round.
Research the quality of the golf course. Nothing can ruin a weekend golf getaway like a poorly conditioned course. Call ahead to confirm they haven’t recently aerated their greens. Check to see if they have any large events that weekend. You don’t want to arrive at the course and find out they have a golf tournament being played and you will be waiting behind all of these players. No one enjoys 5 to 6 hour rounds.
The main thing you want to avoid when picking your course(s) is surprises. Make sure you understand what to expect before you arrive. This can be done by a quick call to the pro shop or by checking online rating services such as Golf Advisor.

2. Pack The Right Gear

You have picked your courses and booked your room. It is time to pack. Be careful when you check the weather for your destination. Pay special attention to the hourly forecast. Pack layers to deal with early morning breeze or an afternoon shower. Don’t let the elements put a damper on your golf weekend. There is nothing fun about being cold in the cart or getting your feet wet. Regardless of the forecast, it is never a bad idea to bring an umbrella just in case. Of course, you need to ensure you pack the essential gear, picking the right clubs and grips and other stuff first. Choosing specific putter grips can help you dramatically improve your game.
The lighter you can pack for a quick golf weekend getaway the better. If you plan to simply play a couple casual rounds of golf, you may want to consider keeping it simple with a Sunday golf bag. These are perfect for the short trip. They weigh under 2 pounds, have enough storage for 6-8 clubs and all of your golf essentials. Instead of lugging a full-size bag through the lobby of your hotel, you can quickly get your clubs up to your room while carrying other luggage.
You would be surprised how much fun you can have playing the game with less than 14 clubs. It will also challenge you to hit the occasional knockdown shot. Here are some additional thoughts on club configuration in your bag.

3. Off The Course Activities

Obviously the golf is important on your weekend golf getaway, but it may not be the part you remember the most. Before you pick your destination consider the activities you enjoy when you aren’t chasing the little white ball. Of course you will have to eat. Check out the restaurant scene and make sure you will have options to try some local establishments. It doesn’t have to be an expensive steakhouse - some of our favorite golf weekend meals are roadside BBQ stands.
Do you have non-golfers joining you on your trip? You want to make sure they have plenty to do while you are playing. If you choose to visit a resort, check out the amenities. A nice spa trip or hanging out by the pool is a great way for them to enjoy the day while you grind for birdies. The best evenings happen when both golfers and non-golfers enjoy their day.
How about an afternoon hike or a walk around a winery? Another great option is to find a local brewery. The weekend golf getaway can take you to places you wouldn’t visit otherwise, so take advantage of everything the location has to offer. Research where the locals go to eat and drink and follow that crowd. Avoid the chain restaurants you have at home. We promise, you can always go to Outback or Applebees another time.
It is very possible that when you look back on your weekend you will remember the pulled pork and the hefferveisen more than your golf score!


The ultimate goal of your golf weekend getaway should be to relax and have fun with family and/or friends. Make some memories. You don’t need to shoot great scores or play perfectly manicured courses to enjoy your trip.
It’s all about the total experience, so plan ahead. Pick your courses based on your preferences and your budget. Pack your gear based on what is important to you - keep it light and simple. Make sure you have the clothes and shoes to take advantage of non-golf activities like hiking or exploring the local town.
We bet your favorite parts of your golf getaway will have nothing to do with playing golf. They will be about that restaurant that looked scary from the outside, but had the best burger you have ever tasted. You will remember sitting with your friends and talking trash about the next day’s round while enjoying a cold, local brew.
You will return from your trip refreshed and relaxed. Maybe a little sad that your weekend golf getaway is over. Here is the good news - you can start planning your next one!
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