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Do Online Casinos Protect My Data?
Sunday, 10 January 2021

Online casinos usually ask for punters to verify their identities using legal documents. This is a mandatory requirement on several licensed platforms. Since players want to access the site, even they comply with such requirements readily.

One or more important documents such as players’ national identity card address proof, passport, driving license, utility bills, bank statements, photo etc. are sought by the casinos to determine a player's identity.
Once you show your legitimacy then only you are allowed to gamble at the casino. Apart from this, your banking details also remain with the casinos when you make deposits and withdrawals.
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So, what happens to these documents once you forward them to the casinos? Do online casinos protect your sensitive information once they receive it? Let’s learn all about it below.

Sensitive Information and its Safety

Online platforms understand the nature of the information they collect. It is highly sensitive, and they treat it accordingly. This is because if the data falls into the wrong hands, the chances of people misusing them are high.
For instance, if your banking details and identity documents are hacked by some computer specialist, he/she could rob your money. Some other times, identity documents can be misused by hackers.
Hence, utmost care is taken by the casinos to safeguard your personal information.

Security Measures Adopted to Safeguard Players’ Data

The common security measure adopted by almost all casinos to safeguard players’ information is encryption.
Data encryption is a procedure in which the readable text is encoded and converted into an unreadable format. This unreadable format is known as ciphertext in computing language.
The encryption method is carried out through an encryption algorithm and key. The coded text can only be read if it is first deciphered using the correct algorithm key.
Using the data encryption methods, casinos code all your sensitive data such as personal information and payment details as soon as you enter them online. The common forms of encryption include 128-bit or 256-bit.
The casinos use these encryption methods because they are very hard to be deciphered. Any third-party hacker who tries to break this code might take at least a few decades to do so if he is good at it. But many times, this encrypted code is considered unbreakable. This way, your data remains absolutely intact with the online casinos.
Further, they also store your data in secure storage devices that come with state-of-the-art antivirus and anti-malware capabilities.

How do I know if a Casino is Using Encryption Technology?

Any casino that makes use of encryption technology showcases its certification on its platform. Usually, the certificate is mentioned with a logo at the bottom of their home page.
The commonly presented certificate is that of SSL. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. So, if you find any online casino showcasing SSL certification, consider it safe to use. Furthermore, SSL certified sites often come with an ‘HTTP’ address. So, keep an eye out for such links which will also show you that it’s secure to access that site.
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