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Factors to Know When Choosing an Online Casino in Norway
Monday, 17 May 2021

Norway is a country of pristine beauty. Breathtaking glaciers, natural gas, and unrivalled fjords. No wonder 6,000,000 people call it home.

Norway is also unrivalled on the Human Development Index. Life expectancy, education, and gross national income are all factored into an equation (HDI) that gives each country a rating.
This means that Norway’s quality of life is one of the best you’d find anywhere in the world.

Shouldn’t you, as a Norwegian citizen, also experience the best casino online, or beste norske casino, to play your favourite games?

We’ve enlisted the help of a guest author, Alexandra Nereng, to tell our distinguished Norwegian readers about some of the factors to consider when choosing an online casino.

Variety of Games

Whether it’s poker, blackjack, other card games, online slots, roulette, or anything else - the online casino you choose should offer various games.
Arguably two of the favourites for people to play are poker and video slots.
Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. Many fortunes have been made from playing poker, and competitive tournaments could yield substantial financial rewards.
If you enjoy poker, a range of poker games offered is an important consideration when choosing an online casino to play at.
Video slots are the mainstay of any good online casino, so your favourite slot shouldn’t be too far away.

Bonuses Offered

Another critical factor to consider when you find an online casino to play your favourite games is the bonuses they offer.
There are many forms of bonus:
  • Welcome bonus - usually in the form of free credits or free spins given to new players at an online casino.
  • No Deposit bonus - play immediately without putting money down. This allows you to get acquainted with the casino and its way of doing things. You will, however, need to deposit to withdraw any winnings, so be sure to check the terms and conditions with the online casino you choose.
  • Recurring deposit bonus - sometimes also called a “regular deposit” bonus. The casino encourages regular deposits, either weekly or monthly. Once the deposit is made, you’re awarded a bonus. This reward is usually free spins on selected slots.
  • Other bonuses - for example, a “Weekend Bonus” where you get a reward for depositing over the weekend.
The key to having the best bonus is not to be tied down with only one. Try as many different bonuses as is allowed to find the one that works for you.
Choosing an online casino can be a very intimidating process, but basing your choice on the bonuses offered can set you up for early success.


This is one of the most important factors to consider.
Before you make a choice of an online casino to play games at, make sure that they’re licensed.
You don’t want to be dumping money into a casino that will shut down overnight due to legislation issues.
All online casinos you find should be licensed with a licensing authority, which carries that licensing authority’s credentials and a license number as given by them.
Popular gaming authorities include the Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao e-gaming authority, and if an online casino is registered with either of those, it’s easy to check the license validity.
Don’t be too hasty when choosing an online casino and forget about checking their licensing.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

What is an online casino without money? It could still be fun, but the thrill of an increasing bank balance is the main reason you’re ready to play casino games.
Searching for a casino that has effortless ways to deposit or withdraw funds will make your life so much easier.
If you need to jump through hoops to deposit or withdraw money, your gaming experience will be tainted, so look for those casinos that allow painless ways to do transactions.
Less time spent dealing with clunky financial matters means more time playing your favourite game.


Playing your favourite game at an online casino is an exhilarating experience. Many other activities can’t match the delight and the adrenaline rush as you see the jackpot siren is signalling your big win.
Make a wise decision and check various bonuses offered, the variety of games, and deposit and withdrawal methods when choosing an online casino.
Having patience and researching, in the beginning, will save you a lot of trouble in the end.
Don’t forget to have fun at your chosen online casino!
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