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How to Get Better at Axe Throwing
Wednesday, 31 March 2021

If you have been axe throwing for some time and have the basics down, it is time to improve your throwing skills. Whether you play the sport for fun or are competitive, finding areas of improvement will increase your chances of having the perfect throw and hitting the bull’s eye consistently. Remember that although there is no right or wrong way to throw an axe, there are methods that are better than others and enough practice and consistent improvements will help you find what works best for you.

Have a Solid Stance

A solid, stable, and balanced stance is important whether you step forward or stay stationary during a throw. If you are not balanced before you throw, your body will try to rebalance during the throw which will mess it up. According to an axe throwing tips post from Woodcutter HQ, you should start with one foot behind the other, ensuring the front foot goes as far ahead as you need it to and at least one foot remains behind the line at all times.

Having your feet planted like this has been shown to offer better stability. Also, experiment with different positions and stances to find one you are comfortable with and that allows for consistent throws.

Grip Makes a Lot of Difference

Your grip influences your release points so if you have inconsistent grip, you will have inconsistent throws. Top throwers use a lighter grip, with fast throwers using a stronger grip. To be as accurate as possible, loosen your grip and consider a more finessed throw. Do note that the finessed throw might take some time to master. A good way to do so is to check out how your favorite throwers handle their axes and try to emulate them.

Make It Personal

Although experienced throwers have a lot to teach you, you should try to have a throw that is personal to you. How you throw an axe will be different from anyone else and trying to completely copy how someone else does it will not yield the results you are looking for. Finding a grip, throw, and wrist flick that is tailored for you will take a lot of practice, so if you are looking to get into competitive axe throwing using a style that feels best for you, you will need to dedicate more time to it.


Once you have found a style that works best for you, try to get consistent with it. While you may try a few variations to make improvements, trying to keep things consistent helps you make note of subtle differences in your throw or stance which gives you improvement opportunities. Consistency allows you to experiment with various ways of making your throws more accurate, which should be your ultimate goal. Remaining consistent removes most of the variables that mask subtle mistakes that affect your throw.
If you want to get better at axe throwing, you need to practice a lot. Practicing helps you find areas of improvement, be it in how you grip the axe, how you throw, or how your body acts before and during a throw. Once you find areas of improvement, you should work on them to bring your style and skill up to a competitive level.
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