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Magic Forest Slots - What is the Game?
Thursday, 27 May 2021

Magic Forest slot is a suitably enchanting slot game from Amatic Industries that shakes up the classic slot formula, adding modern bonuses that can keep the experience unique and deliver more chances to win while you play.

But what does it offer over other slot games, and what should you know before you start to play it? Here's a breakdown of everything that Magic Forest Slot contains.

Who are Amatic?

Amatic Industries are a very well-known online slot machine and game developer that has been in the gambling industry for well over twenty-five years. Their contributions to the world of slot machine games (many of the best casino experiences you'll find online) are still well-loved to this day, and even the older ones have managed to be a hit with new players.
Their excellent games and great playing experiences have earned Amatic a variety of awards and many high review scores, making them a fairly well-known name in the gaming industry. Their games can be played anywhere, from Vegas itself to many smaller online casinos across the world.

What is Magic Forest slot?

Amatic released their Magic Forest slots game in 2014, and the gameplay still holds up well alongside the graphics. Magic Forest has very straightforward base gameplay when compared to other slot games, but this isn't a bad thing - it allows new online slot players to quickly adapt to how the game works.


Magic Forest is, as the name suggests themed around a magic forest. More specifically, it's an Irish magic forest, with the same Irish details that you might expect: four-leaf clovers, gold coins, and the obligatory Leprechaun that acts as part of the game's bonus feature.


While this might sound like a fairly standard casino slots theme at first, it's done very well. Each symbol uses an Irish-inspired image that fits in visually, and the green detailing emphasizes the other colors to make things like golden coins stand out much more.
Green backgrounds, shiny treasure, Leprechaun characters, mushroom detailing, and countless gold coins all really add to the online slot game's atmosphere. The general video/graphical quality of the slots is also excellent, so you can pick out each detail while playing.


Magic Forest is an interesting game, because it combines a good Irish 'forest magic' theme and some great gameplay with simple video slots that anybody can learn. With a standard count of 5 reels (minimum of one) and 20 total paylines (again, one minimum), you can easily learn the chances for any spin to win just by playing.
On top of that, you get the usual 'max bet' and 'auto bet' buttons to help you handle the reels without fiddling too much, something that's great if you prefer gambling with higher stakes. You also have the option to adjust the lines and bet amount if you prefer to carefully measure what you pay.


Players can bet a minimum of one coin per spin, which translates to $1 in real money. The maximum real-money bet you can make is $100. The maximum win amount per line is $37500, although multiple lines can get higher than this as long as they all win.


Audio is something that mostly gets noticed by new players, but it's worth covering the sound design. You get the sound effects that you would expect when the reels spin or when you land bonuses, which can help if you're using the auto-play feature to keep the slot moving without your input.
Other than that, most of the sound effects are fun and fitting for the kind of game that Magic Forest tries to be, but not too fun to become annoying during longer play sessions.
Coins don't make loud clinks and free slot spins don't assault your ears with loud music - there's enough to alert you to wins and bonus features without being too much.

Bonus Features

Wild and Scatter symbols are both here, as well as the Gamble feature that is still a huge part of many modern slots. The bonus symbols are clearly marked and can appear during all spins, although there isn't a conventional jackpot within the game itself.
These features might appear at any time, with any coins wagering amount - wagering more won't necessarily increase your chance of getting one.
Some sites might have a deposit or welcome bonus, but there's no welcome bonus in the game itself - you don't have to deposit hundreds of coins for your first session just to get the most from a welcome bonus feature.

Wild Symbol

The game's Wild symbol - the Leprechaun - works exactly how you would expect while you're playing. Land it, and it can substitute for anything else to make blocked paylines potential wins again.

Scatter Symbol Free Spins

The Scatter will provide bonus free spins if you can land at least three, and each of these spins will come with a 3x multiplier. If you're lucky, you can use these free spins to land another Scatter jackpot and gain additional free spins, regardless of your original wagering amount.


Gamble lets you put your entire pot on the line for a big injection of extra winnings, but only if you're lucky. It's a coin flip: you guess the color of the card that the screen will show. Win, and your pay gets a multiplier, but lose and that spin's winnings are wiped.

Should I Play Magic Forest?

The Magic Forest slot experience seems simple at first, and that's because the game puts the 'forest magic' aesthetic just as high as the gameplay design. This makes it a great real-money slot game for first-time casino gamers to play, since it doesn't over-complicate things.
If you're a more experienced gambler, then it still has something over games at other casinos: it's easy to play and has a strong reliance on free spins, as well as a way to break the maximum bet with bonus money and extra paylines.
All of this makes it easy to play Magic Forest whenever you want, and it doesn't rely upon any welcome bonus features or other one-time deposit benefits to draw you in.

Is It Volatile?

Quite a few semi-free slots with free spins have a high level of volatility, since the bonus free spins lead to unexpected wins. Magic Forest slot players will notice something similar here: the free bonus spins will have a strong impact on your minimum predicted win amounts.
If you've played another version of this kind of game at other casinos, then it'll be familiar. You just have to deposit your money, set up your coins and reels, spin, and hope that your deposit earns you the most treasure possible. It's simple, but in an enjoyable and fun way, as many reviews will tell you.
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