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Popularity of Blockchain Sports Betting
Thursday, 18 February 2021

Blockchain technology has become popular not so long ago, but it is already actively used in many industries and areas. This method of transferring information is a guarantee of the reliability of your data. In addition, not only cryptocurrencies operate on the blockchain, which expands its scope of use. For a long time, blockchain sports betting have been made on BTC and ETH, but usually ordinary offices are used for this.

All popular bookmakers are trying to keep up with the times, gradually connecting additional payment methods. Cryptocurrencies are no longer surprising, but you need to understand that no blockchain is used in them. Companies are centralized, and this entails a number of disadvantages (mandatory verification, limits, restrictions, and much more). There are a lot of fraudsters in this niche, however, if the office operates on the blockchain, deception is completely excluded. Because every bet is a smart contract, won or lost, there can be no other option.

Crypto Betting Advantages

Some experts still doubt the future of cryptocurrencies, but no one speaks badly about the blockchain and crypto betting. This technology has huge potential. Why is it worth giving preference to crypto bookmaker Sportbet? The reasons are:

  • The client receives complete anonymity, no need to go through verification, provide passport data and much more.
  • Transactions are carried out through smart contracts, they already contain execution, win or loss, there are no options.
  • Social betting is used, i.e. you will not play against a bookmaker, but against other players.
  • Cryptocurrencies are a reliable asset that also grows in value. Therefore, without even placing a bet, you will gradually become richer.
  • Projects are decentralized, usually smart contracts are held on Ethereum. Even if the site closes and the administration evaporates, all bets will be held.
  • The clients of such bookmakers remain safe. Not only is no data required from them, so also cryptographic technologies reliably protect their funds.
  • Receiving winnings in cryptocurrency is absolutely legal.
  • Transactions are carried out instantly and with minimal fees. Deposit and withdrawal within a few minutes, fees depend on the chosen cryptocurrency.

Over time, modern bettors began to switch to crypto betting completely, as this is a guarantee of complete security. Bookmakers cannot block accounts or reduce withdrawal limits. When you win, money will be transferred to your wallet immediately.

Sports Betting Cryptocurrency at Sportbet

You need to understand that bookmakers are very different in terms of using altcoins. Some offer to replenish and withdraw money from an internal account using sports betting cryptocurrency. Others work specifically on the blockchain. The second option is preferable because it is safer and customers get complete privacy. Sportbet is just that. It specializes in bitcoin betting and offers its own casino. This is one of the best bookmakers with many advantages.

There are a lot of kinds of sports, bets are made on all tournaments and leagues. Bets are offered on totals, handicap and much more. Deposit and withdrawal are possible only in cryptocurrencies. Unlike competitors, it offers to use a lot more different coins. Customers are offered many different bonuses, and casino games are actively promoted here. Slots, live dealers, roulette and more.

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