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Television and Comic Book Facts About Stargirl
Tuesday, 08 June 2021

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for the CW television show Stargirl.

Comic books and television series often differ even if the same creator wrote them. In the case of the television series Stargirl produced by Geoff Johns, some things are drastically different.
Johns has a long history in comic books with titles like The Green Lantern and The Flash, but he took some creative license when he segued into television.


Icicle Has Powers

In the comic, Icicle doesn't have cold powers. He carries a cold gun. His son has powers because of his father's cold gun. In the TV series, he has the powers and appearance of his comic book son.

Max the Dog

On television, Max is played by a rather sweet-looking English Bulldog. He makes an adorable addition, but Max was named Patton and was a stately Doberman in the comic.

Courtney and the Staff

The way the staff is acquired is different between the comic and the television show. In the comic version, the staff is given to Courtney. In the television version, she finds it in a trunk in her basement.

Just the Staff

Although the staff has similar powers in both the series and comic, it doesn't behave the same way. The television show makes a point to show that the staff has a personality or presence on its own, suggesting that it is sentient.

The Dragon King and Dr. Ito

In the comics, these are two different people with two different backgrounds. No one knows why they were combined in the television series, but they are the same person.


In the comic, S.T.R.I.P.E. the robot, plays a large part in protecting Courtney and the JSA. He is almost a superhero in his own right. The first season of Stargirl uses him only when necessary or when it has visual value.

Special Shoutouts

There are quite a few nods to other series and previous incarnations of Stargirl. Things like:

  • A Half-Day t-shirt
  • Courtney being dressed in blue and Patrick Dugan always dressed in stripes
  • Jack's googles
  • The black panther suit instant-fit

There are tons more, and some of them are easy to miss unless you've seen all of the various television shows and read the comics.

A Female Justice Society of America

The original Justice Society of America was mostly male, while the newest incarnation is mostly female. It is a contrast to the previous teams that were mostly male with one female.

The Surname Hawkings

Although it is only a name drop in the television series, Hawkins's last name is extremely common in the DC Universe. Here are some examples:

  • Star Hawkins
  • Static also known as Virgil Hawkins
  • Sanderson "Sandy" Hawkins, later known as Sandman

The entire Hawkins family is also in DC comics.

Combination Character

The television show takes some broad liberties by combining characters. One example is the comic has The Fiddler and Virtuoso as two separate people. In the television show, Courtney's principal, The Fiddler, and Virtuoso are all combined into one villain. Compared to comics, the variations in television are sometimes glaring, but fortunately, they are far more subtle in Stargirl. You might have even missed some of these as you were watching.

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