What Is The Best Online Blackjack Site?
Monday, 09 November 2020

Gambling is quite a regular thing in many parts of the world. People go to casinos in large numbers and play various games. There are games like slots, baccarat, and roulette. Also, there are some card games, like poker and blackjack. Now, it is the era of technology. With the upsurge in technological advancements, even casinos have come online. There are multiple types of these online casinos. There are some live casinos operated and handled by some of the renowned real casinos.

Additionally, there are web casinos and casino apps. In the casino apps, the player needs to download the app and configure it with his/her device. In web casinos, the player has to visit the website, sign in and start playing.

Top 3 Sites to Play Blackjack

Many websites allow the user to play blackjack. Some sites use fake money, whereas some sites deal with real cash. People find it much difficult to find the best site to play blackjack. This is mostly because there are as many as 14,000 sites available for one to play blackjack. Here are the top 3 sites described in detail.

1. SCR888:

SCR888 is a renowned and trusted name in the field of gambling and online casinos. The SCR888 is owned and managed by those who are the owners of PokerNews. Even PokerNews is a renowned name. The most important feature of this website is the security system. The payment gateways and logs of personal and banking details of the players are kept with the utmost security. Breach of trust or loss of data is never a concern while playing on SCR888 Casino. This website is apt for beginners. This is because some great tutorials allow the beginner to get acquainted with the ins and outs of the game. There are several exciting games of blackjack like the single deck blackjack.

2. Jackpot City:

Playing on ‘Jackpot City’ is not just a matter of great advantage; it is also a matter of pride. This is because ‘Jackpot City’ has been recognized as the best site for online blackjack for two consecutive years- 2018 and 2019. There are many perks of playing on this website. One of the greatest perks is a welcome bonus. There is a whopping amount of $1,600 awarded as a welcome bonus. This is supposedly the largest amount of free cash available to play blackjack. There are many other variants of blackjack available like double exposure blackjack and blackjack switch.

3. PartyCasino:

PartyCasino is one of the best sites for blackjack. Beginners, as well as professional players, can use it. The highlight of this website is the hourly jackpot of real money. Along with this, players can play with real money and place real bets on this website. The promotions done on this website are spicy and exciting. Also, here, there are as many as 14 variants of blackjack that one can play. This gives a wide array of options and perks to the players.


Given above are the top 3 websites to play online blackjack. You can select which one suits you best based on your requirements or check the list of the best casino in Asia.
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