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Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed
Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Now you have in front of you the latest and most beautiful places of entertainment with the views of Ora Real Estate Development Company, La Casa Property Introduce You The Powerful Project, Z Towers Sheikh Zayed, which is the first towers located in the city center on the central park, allowing you to get fully finished units with attractive views and all entertainment, commercial and administrative services are available. Zayed Towers is one of the largest projects With investments of nearly 40 billion pounds, it will provide you with what you are looking for in comfort and luxury, and all the main attractions and service places within Sheikh Zayed and October are available in Zayed Towers.

What is the location of Sheikh Zayed Towers?

Zayed Towers overlooks the Tower complex and directly overlooks the central park in Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt, with an area of 65 acres.
It is also located between Arkan Mall and Hyper One, and Ora has chosen the location of the project around the park for a completely new experience because there are many people who like to live in peace and love to see attractive views, and the company will continue to develop the park to become like the best international parks.

Hyper One Sheikh Zayed

The latest, most important and largest commercial chains in Egypt were provided in Sheikh Zayed Towers, which is Hyper and Sheikh Zayed is one of the branches of Hyper One, an Egyptian joint stock company established in 2005.
The company's capital is 600 million, and it has only two branches, one of which, as we mentioned, is Hyper and Sheikh Zayed and the other in the Tenth of Ramadan City on the Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road.

Z Park Sheikh Zayed

When you own a unit inside Zayed Towers, you will find Zayed Central Park one of the most important and distinguished services available for Sheikh Zayed Towers.

The question arises here, where is Zayed Central Park located?

This park is located in the heart of the city, on Al-Hurriya Street, and extends over an area of 65 acres, and offers a picnic area, seating, and an integrated amusement park.
It is distinguished by many sports fields, artificial lakes, swimming pools, a group of the finest restaurants, cafés, an integrated commercial mall, an ice skating rink, two gyms, one indoor and one outdoors, in addition to a cinema and a concert arena.
The price of the entry ticket to Z Park is 200 pounds for children, and 250 pounds for adults, knowing that this ticket price does not include all games inside the park.
And when you own a unit in Zayed Towers, the ticket price becomes free.
And Of course There Is Another Project For Ora Call
Zed East New Cairo But What are the services of Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed?
One of the best features of Ora Real Estate Development is to provide luxury within the reach of Egyptians, most notably:
• You will find large green areas, with places to sit, picnic, etc.
• There is also an international sports complex.
• There are also trails for running and cycling.
• In addition to artificial lakes, and water fountains.
• The park will include kiosks, restaurants and cafes.
• You will also find underground garages for all residents to ensure easy parking.
• You will also find a commercial street for walking, which includes a range of the most important shops, restaurants, and luxury cafés.
• Ora also offers a hotel on the edge of the project.
• Modern lifts for people and furniture.
• You will also find Outdoor and Indoor Jim.
• You will also find a state-of-the-art clubhouse.
• Outdoor cinemas and amusement park.
• The project also provided garbage collection points.
• The project provides security and guard services at the highest level.
• You will also find exits, and emergency stairs.

Zed Strip Sheikh Zayed

For the first time, administrative offices and medical clinics are being launched in the Zed Strip project, Sheikh Zayed, in the heart of the city with different areas starting from 77 square meters.
It is an administrative and medical complex directly on Nozha Road, and the only one at Zayed 1 entrance, at a price of 47,000 pounds per meter, semi-finished, and payment facilities.
How are administrative offices and medical clinics purchased?
You will be required to pay 10% down payment, and the rest in installments up to 6 years, and delivery will be within 3.5 years.
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