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November, 26th - The Day of Joy! Give Your Smile:)
Monday, 24 November 2008

Life is beautiful! Smile:)

give your smile

Sometimes we are so busy with our daily issues and problems, that we forget to live. To live and to enjoy our lives, to share our happiness, to see the beauty of the world. We grow older and we forget what it means to be a jolly kid. That is not the way it should be.



"Better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness."

And the best way to see the beauty of life is to Light oneself with a Smile:)

give your smile
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Let's forget all these unimportant things that make us so "busy and gloomy". Let's become honest and sincere, let's open our hearts and let the kid inside us have fun;)

On 26th of November it is The Day of Joy. Smile, enjoy, be happy and share your joy with the others.

The Day of Joy
is a good way to remind us that life is really beautiful and enjoyable thing.

The Day of Joy
is a good way to remind us that sometimes even our sole smile can change the life and light up someones day.

The Day of Joy
is a great way to understand that sharing your love and happiness is the most pleasant feeling ever.

give your smile

So, what should you do on the 26th of November?

1. Don’t put a smile on you - be a Smile :)

Everybody should print a symbol Smile, put it into a badge and wear it during The Day of Joy but your best contribution to The Day of Joy will be a smile inside of you;)

2. Make at least 5 other people smile


Share this idea with everyone you know. Each of them should make 5 other people smile too:) And so on and on. Why 5 people? We just like this number:) lol! You can give your smile and share your joy to as much people as you wish. Even one smile will make our world happier.

Don't let yourself to forget when you have last time smiled to a stranger. Remember that a generous heart is always a happy heart. Remember that your warm words and a sincere smile are the most precious gifts


give your smile

I hope that this positive holiday will become a daily tradition. I hope that this tiny reminding will let us understand that our life can change in a single moment with a sole smile. And I hope that after reading this post you will smile and pass your smile on:)

Share your smile:) Enjoy and be happy!

And pass it on;)

Feel free to share this post, republish it on your blogs and sites :) Let's smile together;)

The idea of this Holiday belongs to ‘New Atlantis’ Public Youth Organization



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