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10 Gift Ideas for The One Who Loves Outer Space
Sunday, 31 December 2017

Everyone finds space interesting and mysterious, but some take their love of the galaxies to a whole new level. For those people, give them a unique gift that reflects their love of everything outer space. There are plenty of options to choose from for whoever you are looking to surprise. Gift a stellar mug or meaningful necklace to really please your loved one. Tell a child happy birthday with cool wall stickers or a fun board game!

1. Exclusive Planetary String Lights

Let your loved one feel like they are in space every time they hit the lights with these planetary string lights. Hang them in your bedroom, living room, or out on the deck to embrace your love of everything celestial.

2. Space Capsule Tea Infuser
This is no ordinary tea infuser, but actually looks like an astronaut bravely leaving his pod to inspect what delicious tea you are cooking up. This is a fun gift you can add to any occasion and excellent for the cold winter months.
3. Charmed Simplicity Necklace
This is the perfect personalized gift for the one who loves both you and outer space. When you buy the charmed simplicity necklace you select a specific date. Then that moon from your cho-sen date will show up on your necklace. Perfect for anniversaries or birthdays to show someone you remember that important date and their love of everything outer space.
4. Astrological Mug
This astrological mug may appear to just show the stars of our galaxies, but fill it up with warm water and constellations mysteriously appear! They will love this surprising gift and think of you every day when they enjoy their cup of joe.
5. Facts from Space!
This person may love space but do they know everything about what is out there? Give them the gift of knowledge with this Facts From Space book. As they read they can reflect on the unique and surprising facts about our galaxies. The book will be treasured about for light years!
6. StarFall
Allow this person to share their love of outer space with others. The fun game of StarFall brings everyone together while you embrace your knowledge of astronomy. Compete against your friends to build the best portfolio to come out as top astronaut!
7. Marooned Rocket Planter
Maybe this person’s love of space is looking to take on a more subtle nature. Achieve this with a rocket planter that can easily work in any home. Plant something strange and “other-worldly” to give it an extra odd look.
8. Commemorative Solar Eclipse Watch
The recent solar eclipse had everyone in their yards and tentatively staring at the sun. Rather than damage your eyes commemorate the exciting event with a solar eclipse watch. This watch will show the cycle of the eclipse without any retina damage.
9. Outer Space Astronauts Wall Stickers
For the kid who is just discovering their love of the galaxies, let them feel like they are in their very own rocket ship with outer space wall stickers. Their imagination will run wild as they chase down aliens in their bedroom and find themselves amazed as they look down at earth.
10. Mod Space Posters
Give the gift of fashionable posters to compliment any home. These prints can stylishly add a touch of color while also providing some cool imagery of other worlds and excursions.
From planters to board games, it does not matter who this outer space lover is, there is a gift for everyone. Personalized gifts for a loved one or more casual presents for new friends and coworkers can make shopping a breeze.
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