4 Must Know Tips on How to Wear Sneakers with Dress Pants and Still Look Professional

 Want to be comfortable in sneakers, even when you have to wear work or formal clothes? Discover tips on how to wear sneakers with dress pants now.

 Another day, another dollar.

Your daily commute to work gives you plenty of time to think. Time to reflect on your personal style, on the statement you make every day when you walk into work. On the suffering you put your feet through for the sake of style.

Well, no more! With these 4 tips on how to wear sneakers with dress pants, you'll be able to rock comfort in style.
Read on. Your feet will thank you.

1. Keep It Simple

When in doubt, your best bet is to go with a classic. Don't get carried away with too many crazy designs that will distract everyone around you and take away from your classy look.

If you're new to the world of suits with sneakers and more casual work attire in general, it's best to stick with a simple design, like plain white sneakers or a pair of black Jack Purcell's.

The classic, low-top design will pair well with dress pants, while the contrasting black canvas and white toe add personality without going overboard.

2. Maintain Balance When Wearing Sneakers With Dress Pants

Consider the type of outfit you're wearing. If you choose a chunkier look, opt for sneakers with a sleeker design to complement your fashion choice.

If you're in a slim fitting suit, a shoe with a slightly chunky design like the Nike Air Max 270 will bring a beautiful balance to your ensemble.

Similarly, if you're wearing an outfit that is particularly colorful, harmonize with shoes that are more neutral in color. If your outfit is relatively neutral, add a bit of personality with a more colorful shoe.

3. Don't Ruin Your Style with Poor Hygiene

The key to wearing sneakers for work without looking sloppy is to make sure that the whole ensemble is clean and put together.

That means making sure YOU are clean and put together, too! Take a shower to make sure you're smelling fresh. Take the time to make sure you're well-groomed and presentable and style your hair.

If you forsake these simple yet essential elements, you could ruin the trendy look you're aiming for and end up looking like you just couldn't quite be bothered to get properly dressed for the office.

4. Use Material to Suit Your Style

One of the easiest ways to dress up with sneakers is to choose shoes that are made of more luxurious materials.

Opting for sneakers made of materials such as suede, leather, or satin will keep your look classy and provide a bit of texture if the rest of your outfit is somewhat understated.

Smile, You're Stylish and Comfy

If you follow these 4 simple steps for wearing sneakers with dress pants, you can smile your biggest smile, safe in the knowledge that you're at the forefront of fashion without sacrificing your delicate feet.
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