5 Cool Ways to Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Styles change. Bodies also change. Your favourite dress has been washed so many times you can now see through it. All your tops have missing buttons or coffee stains. Even your loungewear has seen better days. It is time for some new clothes. Even if it isn’t time for new clothes, you can update your style with the right accessories.

Ditch the High Street

Upgrading your wardrobe is expensive. It needs to be done. First impressions count. No one is going to have a positive impression when you show up to a job interview in your out-of-season, faded dress no matter how qualified you are. Turning online can save you money, but if your wardrobe requires a total upgrade, you may want to spend the savings from Hush Style on more clothes and accessories.


Perhaps there’s nothing particularly wrong with your clothes. Every wardrobe needs a few classic fashion staples. Some people choose to have nothing except the iconic staples. Classic clothes can be brand-new and exclusively from high-end designers, but they’ll look drab without the right accessories. Accessories make or break a look.
Life is a catwalk, whether we want to admit that or not. We silently pass judgement on everyone who walks past based on what they’re wearing. Accessories are as much about self-expression as they are about function. Even accessories without any functional purpose should be utilised. The office dress code rarely extends to cover your scarf, so go as crazy as you want and show the world who you are.


Eyes are rolling right now, but shoes can add a touch of class or dress down most outfits, depending on the occasion and look you are going for. Every wardrobe needs at least one pair of shoes but should include more. That tatty pair of Converse need replacing, even if they go with just about everything. Trainers aren’t appropriate for formal wear, not even the Converse. A pair of high heels or two pairs are needed for formal occasions. High heels can dress up casual outfits and even be worn with jeans. Black heels for autumn and winter. White or pastel for spring and summer. Trainers can be worn with some dresses, but be sure these match and are in good condition.


Much like shoes, wardrobes will want more than one bag. If your basic day-to-day bag is scuffed, you’ll want to replace it. You should also have a bag for formal occasions and one for last-minute day trips that require extra things to be carried. Basic formal bags are typically clutch bags. A less formal bag perfect for the last-minute day trip is a rucksack, and you can even throw a clutch bag in if you need to be formal later on in the day.

High-End Designer

Everyone should go for at least one piece from a high-end designer. Designer fashion can be very expensive, but shopping online can ensure a discount on authentic designer clothing and accessories.
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