6 ways to tailor your Wedding invitations to each of your Guests

 When it comes to wedding invitations, it can be pretty difficult to find a way to incorporate personal touches and traditionally, invitations have been standardised, a one-size fits all design. However, as weddings become more intimate and smaller family affairs, there’s an increasing moving towards personalisation.

 As a result, more and more people are seeking ways to customise their invitation designs and to add a personal and sentimental touch to each individual invitation. In a bid to make their guests feel part of their big day, part of their journey and to thank them for the any support that they’ve offered, couples are increasingly seeking to personalise their wedding invitations.

And who can blame them. It’s the cheapest, easiest and fastest way to add an aspect of personalisation to your wedding day.

These are 6 suggestions for how you can personalise and tailor your wedding invitations and make each guest feel part of your wedding day.

Use calligraphy

Whether you hire someone to do the calligraphy for you, or decide to take on the task yourself, calligraphy offers a unique and fun way to customise and tailor each invite. In essence, there is no right or wrong way to use calligraphy, it’s something that is unique and personal, with each person having a different style and preference. It’s a beautiful, swirly writing style, but essence, it is very much up to you.

On each invite, you can use a different aspect of calligraphy and as it’s handwriting, no two invites will ever be the same.

Add an in-joke

Unless you’ve chosen to invite Uncle Kevin, who lives in the most remote part of Australia, the chances are that you will have some shared memories with each of the people on your guest. Naturally, these memories are going to be of a different nature from person to person, with some being easier to characterise than others. So, why not incorporate these memories in to their wedding invitation?

Perhaps you could include a short story about the time your dinghy sank on the coast of Cornwall? Or the time your Grandad clipped a crab to your Uncle’s coat? Or you could even use a more sentimental and emotionally charged reference?

Doing this will truly personalise each wedding invitation, immediately bring about strong emotions within the referenced person and undoubtedly leave them excited for your wedding day.

Make them feel touched

Whilst writing a memory or in-joke can be a fun idea, it’s not going to be relevant every single guest but there are other ways to tailor it.

If you’re inviting someone who has a particular meaning or role in your life, perhaps an old manager or teacher, then instead of using a memory, you could write them a thank you letter. Tell them why you have invited, how they have impacted your life and exactly what they mean to you.

You could even include a picture of yourself with the person in question.

Include a keepsake

We recently came across a couple who were attaching pretty charms or keyrings to their invitations, giving their guests something that will easily outlive their wedding. It’s not essential but it is a cute, quick and easy way of further personalising your wedding invitations.

Have separate invites for kids

If you have kids attending your wedding, it’s worth investing in a separate invite for them, and it’s a cute way of further tailoring your invitations. You could create a mini colouring book style invitation; you can ask that they be brought to the wedding reception and these can then be used to keep the children occupied. Two birds, one stone.
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