A Buyer's Guide To Wedding Cake

If you focus exclusively on the stressful parts, planning out a wedding can get exhausting. That's why we think it's important to build up your enthusiasm for the fun parts, which are certainly worth enjoying. Taste-testing wedding cakes, for instance, can be a blast when you do it right! Depending on the extent of your celebrations and the breadth of the dessert menu, you may have dozens of delicious sweets to choose from. Remember this is a selection process, though, and the goal is to pick out the best of the best when it comes to wedding cake. Keep our seven key tips in mind when you get started on this decision.


1) Have Your Style Sorted Out

Believe it or not, the wedding cake is one of the oldest and most fundamental wedding traditions. That means there are virtually endless different styles and types that have been developed over the years. The most traditional approach is to have a multi-tiered wedding cake that includes frosting, a wedding-themed cake topper, and fondant decorations. This is an ideal choice if your wedding dreams lean toward the conventional, but it is by no means your only option. There are several interesting contemporary refinements to the traditional cake: Square tiers in place of round ones, individualized mini-cakes for each guest, and many others. More adventurous bakers are presenting wilder alternatives using a vast range of different bases: cupcakes, crepes, donuts, macarons, and more. Settling your basic stylistic preferences first will make the whole selection process easier.

2) Consider Your Design Options

According to Bakealicious who sell wedding cake in Meath, Ireland, today it's very easy to adjust your cake design so that it fits right into the overall theme and color scheme of your wedding. At a beach-front wedding with a nautical theme, for example, it's no trouble at all to arrange to have your cake emblazoned with decorations like anchors and starfish. Incorporating your chosen colors in a subtle fashion is a great way to enhance your cake elegantly in a traditional wedding. Treat your wedding cake as an artist's canvas; it gives you an opportunity to address your wedding and your personalities creatively. Gather inspiration by checking out wedding magazines and creative websites like Pinterest.

3) Don't Rush Your Decision

As a general rule of thumb, you should start your proper cake planning somewhere between three and six months before the wedding. You don't just need to settle on the perfect design; you also need to pick out the right bakery to bring it to life. Add a month or two to your schedule if you're having your wedding during the spring or summer. Bakers will be dealing with extra-high demand for wedding cakes during these seasons, and you don't want to end up settling for your second choice because the perfect baker was already fully booked for the season. Make sure your cake arrangements are part of your scheduled planning process. Leaving the wedding cake up to the last minute is a sure recipe for disaster.

4) Calculating Wedding Cake Size

The size of your wedding cake has to depend on the number of guests you expect to have at your reception. Note that there are limits to how flexible certain styles and designs can be. Don't set your heart on the giant five-tier fairytale cake if you're planning an intimate reception with a guest list that has fewer than 50 people on it. The total number of people you're going to feed should play a significant role in the selection of your ideal wedding cake style.

5) Budget For Your Cake Realistically

While it's perfectly normal to have some financial flexibility when you start the wedding cake selection process, by the time you've started talking to different bakers you should develop some clear ideas about how much money you'll be willing to spend on a cake. An important tip: Talk to bakers about how large their normal slice of wedding cake is. You may be able to make do with a smaller cake by reducing the size of the portions you cut on your big day.
If your budget curtails your wedding cake dreams, take a look at style compromises that can reduce cost without wrecking your designs. Could four tiers serve as well as five? Do you *really* need a one-of-a-kind lavender color for the frosting and the hand-made rose decorations? When you find a trustworthy and flexible baker you'll be surprised by how far you can stretch your cake budget.

6) Tasting!

None of the design and style considerations addressed above impact the wedding cake's most critical attribute: its taste! Start by making flavor choices that you and your partner love, but don't give any selection the green light without taste-testing it personally first.

7) Final Bakery Selection

Hopefully, the very process of exploring your wedding cake options will have exposed you to different cake vendors and familiarized you with their strengths and weaknesses. The tasting is a great opportunity to compare your choices directly and settle which one is really right for you. Don't forget that your cake provider will need to work with a lot of other vendors in preparing for your wedding. You're looking for the baker that can deliver a great cake and work well as part of a bigger team.
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