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Actionable tips on How to Save Money on A Wedding Venue
Thursday, 08 February 2018

Weddings are a financially demanding occasion, and planners are tasked to get a perfect wedding plan while ensuring the same does not exceed the allocated budget limit.


The best place to save money on in a wedding planner is the choice of a wedding venue. Below are ways which wedding planners can save on the venue.

Avoid Saturday weddings

Most people plan for their weddings on Saturdays. This makes the demand for a wedding venue such as gardens very high, increasing the price.
Wedding planners who wish to save on their weddings should set the days to Fridays or Sundays. These days have fewer weddings, reducing the demand for venues.

Have fewer guests

A huge guest list means a bigger venue. Venues are often charged based on size and quality, and since wedding venue sizes are determined by a number of guests, fewer guests would mean a smaller venue. The guest list can be restricted to close friends and families of both couples.

Single venue for wedding and reception

Setting a wedding to have separate venues for the wedding ceremony and reception means incurring double costs. Churches with a big compound provide a perfect inclusive venue.
Having one venue helps cut the costs of both the venue and overall transport since there is no need for the party to travel from the ceremony to the reception area.

Borrow a venue

The biggest cost cutter for a wedding venue is having a borrowed venue. The wedding reception can be done at a borrowed place, such as a friend’s backyard or the compound for a place of work.
Most people who own grounds will give it as their wedding gift, and it ends up cutting the budget of the wedding almost by a quarter. There, however, will still be needed for renting out of tents and cutlery.

Choosing a venue which is outside the city

City wedding gardens are very expensive to rent. They also have small areas, which forces the wedding planners to get an alternative place for the wedding ceremony, such as a Church compound.
Upcountry venues offer great space and serene environments, at almost half cost. Most of the upcountry venues, such as social halls only attract a fraction cost, which goes to the government for maintenance of the social amenities.

Book an all-inclusive venue

All-inclusive venues mean that they not only offer the location for the venue but also comes as a package. This package can include such things as tents, decoration, and chairs. Most wedding garden owners have an in-house catering department, where they also serve out food. This cuts the cost to a big percentage since the planners will not have to source for other caterers.
In most cases, all-inclusive services charge a price lower by almost 20% as compared to sourcing from different places. The wedding planners should compare the inclusive price and compare it with the cost of sourcing separately, since some venues may charge higher.

Choose a public park or city-owned venues

Most public parks offer wedding venues at a very low rate as compared to privately owned venues. This is because the public spaces will charge per duration spent. They also don’t aim at profit-making and will charge an amount considered as a maintenance fee for the park.
In the case of charge-by-duration, the wedding planners can opt to host the wedding ceremony at the public venue and take the reception to a different place.


In addition to these, couples have also been known to have the after party at the same location as the reception. From these points, financial restraint should not be a factor inhibiting a wedding from taking place. For more information.
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