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Choosing Between Fiber Wigs And Human Hair Wigs
Monday, 17 September 2018

Today, wigs have become an important fashion accessory. People aren’t just wearing them to hide their baldness rather experiment with different hair styles for different occasions. So in this course of new fashion wave, it’s the wigs for women that have taken the center stage. From short wigs to colorful wigs, there’s a never-ending stock of artificial hair collection. But what’s best for you is where the confusion occurs. Choosing the wig that’s right for you can be a daunting task as for some fiber wigs do well while for some it’s always the human hair wigs.

There’s no such thing like one type is better than the other. It all depends on how well one can carry a specific wig style in a particular type. Therefore, it’s really important to know the difference between fiber and real hair wigs so that it’s easier to make a choice. Each type has its plus and minus but in no way, any of them is less.

So here are the little things that make fiber wigs and human hair wigs different:

i Money Matters: If you are someone in search of a reasonable deal, fiber wigs is what you should go for as the real hair wigs come at quite a good price. If cost is not a concern then human hair wigs can be your first choice. Also, both fiber and real wigs have an exclusive variety of short wigs and colorful wigs so one can choose accordingly as per their pockets.
ii Styling Versatility: Talking about style, well, there are limitations while experimenting with fiber wigs as they can easily get damaged. On the other hand, real wigs can be styled in any way. You can blow dry, curl, flat-iron or crimp it without any immediate damage to the hair fibers. Not only this, human hair wigs can also be colored without any serious consequences.
iii Color Retention: No doubt, you can color your real hair wigs but they will eventually fade. On the contrary, fiber wigs are bought in a color and style that are retained permanently and cannot be changed as per one’s mood or the ongoing trends. They remain as it is as they are bought.

iv Maintenance: Maintaining both the wig types is important for preserving their look and style, however, fiber wigs demand less care and attention as compared to their real hair counterparts. The human hair wigs require the same love and care as your original tresses. All in all, both these wigs for women work well when they are maintained well. A good maintenance can make your real wig last up to a year and your synthetic wig for 3 to 6 months.
v Ease of Wearing: While your fiber wig can be worn right out of the box then no matter they are short wigs or colorful wigs, you have to take your human hair wigs to the stylist first to make it ready for wearing. So the ease of wearing slightly differs.

So all these things make these wig types slightly different yet same. You just have to pick the one that goes well with your scalp needs.


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