Cool Ways to Update Your Clothes
Wednesday, 04 November 2020

Everyone has items of clothing in their closet that they love, but might not be in the best shape anymore. While it would be easy to throw your old clothes away and replace them, if you want to find a more creative and money-saving solution, consider revamping them with some fun alterations. This way, you get to keep the clothes you love but you can update them to suit your current style and give them a new lease of life. Here are some ideas for updating your clothes in order to avoid replacing them.

Paint Them

The idea of getting paint on your favorite clothes might fill you with horror, but in fact, designing a cool new pattern or picture to create a unique new look could be a great idea. You can find fabric paints easily online, or if you want to alter leather goods such as shoes, bags, or belts, use this Angelus leather paint from Manhattan Wardrobe Supply. It’s the same kind of paint used by professionals and comes in a range of colors for you to choose from.

Alter the Hems

Want a cool new skirt or to turn a pair of jeans into shorts? Simply alter the hemlines on your clothes to create new pieces. This is a particularly good idea if you have ripped the hem on a dress or skirt, or simply want to shorten the length. You could even experiment with scalloped hems or asymmetric styles.

Create Crop Tops

Do you have a baggy t-shirt that you love, but it doesn’t fit well enough to be worn in public? Or it’s worn towards the bottom? If this applies to you, why not turn it into a stylish crop top instead? You can even cut off the sleeves to change the look entirely and create a more casual style.

Use Patches and Badges

Another great way to update old clothes is by stitching patches onto them or accessorizing them with broaches and badges. A lot of music fans like to add patches with their favorite band logos onto jackets or bags, but there are plenty of others to choose from such as ones with floral patterns, cute cartoons, TV and film characters, or famous pieces of artwork.

Create Patchwork Clothing

If you have several items of clothing that are torn or stained in places, you could always cut out the pieces of material that are still intact and create an entirely new item. This is a project for those who are more confident with their dressmaking skills, but it’s a great way to design a new item of clothing that is unique and perfect for your style.

Add Some Sparkle

There’s no need to go overboard with the glitter or sequins (unless you want to!), but the addition of a little bit of sparkle to your old clothes can transform a casual top into a beautiful piece of party clothing. Instead of splashing out on a new outfit for your next event, simply spruce up some of your old clothes that are sitting in the back of your closet.
Get creative and save some money by trying out these cool ways to update your clothes.
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