Everything about the Quick Weave

When it comes to style and fashion, one of the most common elements happens to be wigs. Whether it is an actual wig or something similar such as hair extensions, this aspect of the industry makes up a significant percentage of the system’s market and revenue.

Of the many things that this industry encompasses, one thing that holesale hair vendorscome across regularly is the concept of a ‘quick weave’.

So what is a 'quick weave'?

Manywho are into wigs industryand wholesale hair vendors, are eager to know about the nature of ‘quick weaves’.

Given that it is fairly common to come across them, it is only natural for them to want more information about them.

A 'quick weave', is a weaving method for hair, where the hair wefts get glued on to a protective cap directly, before bonding.

There is much that can be said about the ‘quick weave’, from its structure to functionality and everything in between.
Of these many things, some of the most important things to know about, when it comes to the ‘quick weave’, are mentioned below:

1. Hair Source

The source of hair that is used in quick weaves, tend to be from natural as well as artificial sources.
Most people, who do go in for the same, usually prefer the natural ones, because of how it feels in comparison to artificial ones.
In some cases, the hair may be artificial, but most of the choices here are usually for those from a natural source.

2. Cost

One of the most attractive aspects of the quick weave is the cost factor.

Wigs are generally expensive for a variety of reasons, which includes, among others the well known demand and supply factors.

This is where quick weaves come into the picture. They are usually affordable, in comparison to others in the market, such as the sew-in weave.

One of the biggest determinants of the cost has to do with the material used for the same, as well as the one doing it. For one thing, do-it-yourself kits are a lot cheaper than a visit to a hair expert. In addition to this, the material used for the same also plays a major role as well, with natural materials usually costing a lot more in comparison to those that are artificial in nature.

3. Preparation

The way that quick weaves are prepared, is rather unique when it comes to wigs.

In many cases, wigs tend to come in a ‘standardized’ form, where a person doesn’t really have any option other than to use that which has been provided by the company.

This is however, not the case when it comes to quick weaves. These are, what can be described as ‘custom designed’ products, where the user’s personal requirement is focused on, rather than using the principles of mass production.

In other words, the quick waves are made on site, based on the needs and preferences of the wearer. The way that it is done, starts with a simple visit to a hair care specialist.
Then again, it is possible to do the same at home as well, if one prefers that to the alternative. The process involves the gluing of hair wefts to the protective cap, called a 'weave cap', after which the process is completed. Once the bonding is completed, the ‘quick weave’ is ready for use.

The preparation process may also involve the use of a hardening gel, for holding the hair together in cases such as braiding. The protective cap gets placed on top of the hair, which provides the base, on top of which the hair extents are glued on to. The entire preparation process is finished off with blow-drying or air-drying, so as to ensure a strong and smooth finish.

4. Care

Quick weaves tend to have a reasonably long life span, and can be used for years, when taken care of well.

The exact way in which this is done, is with regard to the way it is washed and stored.

The washing process can be done with mild water and cleaning solution such as a shampoo. The glue used for the same is not water-soluble, which makes the actual process of washing the quick weaves rather easy.

5. Nature of the Hairstyles

Contrary to popular belief, the hair weaves are not restricted to styles involving long hair. On the contrary, they can be applied for a variety of different hair styles.

The exact hair style used for the quick weave may be done for a variety of hair styles, ranging from silky to that of cornrows, plaits, etc.

It should be noted here that the exact strategy of preparing the quick weave will vary, depending on the style. For example, the preparation of quick weaves for long hair styles

6. Lifespan

The lifespan of quick weaves is rather short in nature.

Most of the hair weaves tend to come off after a period of four weeks or so. The exact time period, will however, vary based on several factors such as use, quality of the materials, how roughly it is handled, etc.

What this means is that those who use quick weaves, should look into a new quick weave, after the said time period.

Do note that the glue used for the quick weaves, are sensitive to oil. Therefore, it is important that one avoids the usage of oil on the hair, for it may cause the quick weave to loosen. In fact, oil and oil-based conditioners are used for the removal of quick weaves.

Also to add here is that it is a good idea to check the quick weave from time to time, so as to ensure adequate and proper bonding. It should prove to be helpful in the long run, when it comes to managing one’s day to day life.

7. Removing the Quick Weave

Not everyone will want to use the quick weaves for periods lasting for weeks. Many prefer to use the same for as little as a few days and be done with it.

For those who would like to remove the quick weaves before the four week period, it is possible to do so with the help of oils or an oil-based conditioner.

The exact way to remove the same would be to start by massaging the oil or the oil-based conditioner into the hair, and leaving it on for a short period of time. Once this is done, the glue bonds are weakened, after which the quick weave gets loosened.

A wash will be required to remove any traces of the glue and other such residues.

To sum it all up, the above mentioned strategies are some of the most important, when it comes to quick weaves.
While there is indeed a lot that is to be said about quick weaves, the above is enough for one to get a clear understanding about how the whole concept works.
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