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Glam up with only kohl and nothing Else
Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Eyes are one of the most beautiful assets of a woman and perhaps the sexiest and appealing too. Every woman has their own choice of carrying themselves and also of applying makeup. For certain women, applying layers of makeup makes them feel more comfortable, whereas some prefer sticking to being mostly natural, with just a touch of kohl to spark up their eyes.

Eye makeup does not require a lot of skill, but perfecting the most elegant winged eyeliner or simple stroke of kohl on your upper or lower lid, just completes the most boring and dull outfit and face. Kohl is one of the best discoveries of makeup and the most widely used too.

Colour it up!

With the wide array of makeup and beauty brands in the market, every brand tends to launch new products every season and to make things more exciting and to spice it up; coloured kohl is now trending. Eyeliners ad kohl of various shades, ranging from plain jane black to royal blue and vibrant colours like green or even purple, glam it up with beautiful shades of the season. The entire look or outfit can be made to stand out with the right amount and application of kohl. The upper eyelid and waterline are the most common areas where Kohl is applied with a lot of finesse. Eyes have the beautiful ability to look instantly prettier and larger with the mere application of kohl. If applied correctly, coloured liners can make the most boring makeup looks stand out.

There are certain women who like to only stick to eye makeup, specifically the only application of eyeliners or kohl, for such cut-throat women, coloured lines can get their eye makeup game go a notch higher.

What to buy and what not to.

To choose the correct makeup, specifically the right kohl for your eyes can be a little tedious. There are a few things to keep in mind before doing the needful. For starters, choose a kohl which has a very long-lasting effect. There are various products in the market nowadays which promises a lot of wonders but make sure to read the reviews of the product and the ever so trustworthy YouTube videos and reviews too. After referring to the length of the wear of the kohl next comes the shade and the ingredients which make the base of the product. For certain types of skin only certain ingredients suit, while for others, a reaction may proceed. So, make sure to purchase cosmetics which are compatible with your skin.
The third and one of the most important things to keep in mind the cost of the kohl. At this point, you can keep your vouchers and deals handy. Investing on cheap products for your eye is never a good idea because after all it is your own precious eye and you would always want to take extra care of it. Spend your hard-earned money on things with discounted price at DealVoucherz which are worth to buy. It is understandable that certain makeup products can be very expensive, so it is only natural to wait for those sales and deals and indulging in discounted products.

Less is more.

With the talk of the town and look of the season, let alone the year, wearing nudes and light makeup is surely glam as hell. It would surprise you as to how much transformation can be achieved by just applying kohl in the correct amount in the correct creases of the eye. Even light mascara and magnify and make the eyes look gorgeous and lustful. You may take some time to expertise the perfect dolled up eye makeup, but a little practice truly goes a long way. Spend some time to perfect the basic kohl laden eye, and you will see how your makeup game changes forever!
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