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How to Achieve Geek Chic in 2021
Friday, 07 May 2021

Geeky fashion made its comeback to the catwalk in 2015, with Gucci taking on Varsity vibes and granny glam. Although the trend has slowly retracted back into the shadows since, there are still plenty of nods to geek chic on the high street even today.

If you love the style, we’re here to show you have you can incorporate your geeky side into your everyday outfits, even in 2021.

Mix and match patterns

While it goes against everything we’re taught about fashion, geek chic is all about bringing together mix and match patterns in a fun and playful way. Stripes and polka dots are always a good pairing while kitsch designs are also ideal for a bolder style.

Layer up

Along with the mixture of patterns, layers can be a great way to add a fun twist to formal office wear to capture that perfect geek chic style. Wearing a crisp white shirt under a colorful skater skirt, or for the men, a classically ugly sweater over your work shirt and trousers creates a modern and cool look.
And, the great thing about layering is the fact you can breathe fresh life into your old clothing. There’s no need to buy new pieces, simply use what you’ve already got.
For inspiration, check out this guide on how to layer clothes for the perfect outfit.

Graphic tees

On the topic of layering, graphic tees are the perfect base layer for wearing with shirts and cardigans. Star Wars T-Shirts, for example, are popular and super easy to come by – both on the high street and in thrift stores. Alternatively, take inspiration from the total geek icon, Sheldon Cooper.

Plaid and pleats

Pleated skirts have never really gone out of fashion, and have the school-girl style that’s perfect for geek chic. In a similar sense, plaid is the perfect pattern for trousers, skirts and shirts. Layer a plaid shirt on top of a graphic tee for a casual everyday outfit.


Collared shirts are great for wearing either on their own, or under a jumper with a high neckline. Collars add a smart style to just about any outfit, with some brands offering detachable collars that can be worn on top or under dresses and tops that don’t have their own.


It’s ironic that we all hated our school blazers, yet as we get older, they become a great fashion piece. Blazers are the perfect in-between piece that offers more protection than a cardigan, but aren’t as cumbersome as a coat.
There are a huge number of ways to wear a blazer, and they’re ideal for adding structure to an outfit or making your casual style look that little bit more formal.
So, out of all the fashion styles that timelessly pass through the eras, geek chic has definitely left its mark. And for the average shopper with a small budget, it’s incredibly easy to achieve. Just think patterns, layers and plaid, and you’re onto a winner.
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