How To Break In your New Dr Martens

Super! You are the new proud owner of a pair of Docs! Enjoy this initial moment of appreciating their brand-new beauty because, by the time you are finished with these guys, they are going to look far from perfect.

Getting your Docs broken in does take time and patience, however, everyone has to do it. Kee reading if you want to know tips on making the process run smoothly.

Once you have broken in your Docs, they will form bosom buddies with your tootsies for a long time to come. I've been the proud owner of these since 1996. Source

Make Sure You Buy The Correct Size

We know that pair on sale is going for a great price, but if they're too small, they're too small and that's that!

Getting Your Docs Broken In

Why do you need a breaking in period? Well, think about the type of leather that these guys are made of. The typical black standard DMs are made of hard and rigid leather which needs time and care to really soften and provide the perfect fit according to Sole Trader. You could use softening agents to get the process moving quickly and stop the leather from cracking, or you may decide to allow your DMs to make up their own story. Just keep in mind that you spent a fair amount of your hard-earned money on this iconic footwear so make sure they get all the TLC they need!
To being with, wear them around the house for a few hours at a time. Let me be straight with you; this is probably going to hurt the back of your heels but you need to stick with it! Remember, the end result will make the pain well worth it.
As you break a pair of Docs in, they are going to rub against your heels and that's that.

How To Care For Your Feet As You Break In Your DMs

When you first start wearing your DMs all day long, a number of things may happen:
You will see deep impressions of your socks on the top of your feet, if you are wearing ribbed socks this impression will be even more pronounced. Be careful! If you need to scratch, be extra gentle; going mad will only make your irritated skin more liable to bleed. Instead, soak your feet in a foot bath filled with foot soap or epsom salts. If you don't have a foot bath you could always use basin. Dry them gently with a towel and if need be give them a massage.
If you have a fleshly calf or have tied up your laces rather tightly you may also have impressions on your calf. After a few hours, these impressions should go away. It can be worrying when you see an indentation on your calf! Make sure you don't tie your boots quite as tight next time.
On these DMs, the tongues have been nicely worn to be soft and flexible.
When you do the process the right way, softening your leather boots can be pretty easy. Of course, the best way to get your DMs softened is to wear them outdoors, once the weather turns wintery make sure you do what's needed to protect them. You will get mottled spots on your boots if water and salt get to them and that just never look great. Try one of these treatments:
Your can use Dr Marten's Wonder Basalm, a unique mix of coconut oil, beeswax an lanolin which gives protection against liquid, salt marks, and water while also keeping the leather supple so that there's no need to polish.
Dubbin Polish is the natural wax mix of leathers that are greasy or oily. It gives the leather a water-resistant coating and is great for giving old shoes, that have suffered from exposure to the elements, a new lease of life.
Also, it's always safe to bring with you a handy shoe polish that will keep your Docs nice and shiny wherever you go. Check out ShoeAdviser as they list down the best shoe polish that will help restore and keep yur Docs shine and protection.
If you have ended up with salt marks as you didn't apply a protectant you will need Dr Marten's brand black polish (or you could use a good quality black polish brand) to get the color restored to your darling boots, if you have cheery reds you'll need to use cherry polish!

How Should You Pair Socks With Docs?

Get yourself a few pairs of thick and soft socks (like woolen winter socks). They will provide your feet with protection, as well as your ankles, and will get the leather stretched out in all the right places.
You definitely need to avoid the urge to wear thin cotton socks if the breaking in period isn't over yett!
After several years your lovely DMs will be worn and the metal below the black eyelets will be on display. Gorgeous, right?
During my last visit to a DM store, the salesgirl told me that some styles have a narrower cut than others .... one example is the 1460s which have a considerably narrow cut compared to 1461s and other styles. If you feel like your Docs are too narrow then think about using a bunion pad or moleskin to give your tootsies protection. Granted, you may not feel glamorous, but our feet will feel great!
To get the stiff back of the boot broken in fold them back at various levels a few times before you wear them.
In addition, bend them back and forth a few times around the instep. This will help to make them more pliable.
Make use of a boot stretcher to get the toe box stretched out over a few nights. Lace them up in different ways! If you lace over the eyelet everywhere, apart from at the ankle base, you will be able to help the boot to bend.
You may think about wearing them for a few days in a row (even when you're asleep) but you may end up with tough feet rather than soft boots.
For me, I like to give my feet a good wiggle inside the boots as it gets the leather stretching that little bit more.
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