How to Choose the Best Ring with Diamonds for Your Marriage?

A wedding is an unforgettable event on a personal level but it is also a key economic moment since months before the link.In this article, some guidelines can be consulted to adjust each pre and post-nuptial expense as much as possible. Broadly speaking, the average investment in a wedding is 24,000 Euros, or that the banquet is usually the largest expense associated with a link, followed by the wedding dress and the honeymoon. Chocolate diamond earrings earrings which are shape like chocolate.


With regard to rings, in some countries , the average expenditure on wedding bands ranges between 500 and 1,000 Euros for both; In the case of the engagement ring, tradition (advertising and coming from the USA) says that 'the reasonable thing' is to invest in it the equivalent of two months of salary.

If you intend to invest in buying a Chocolate diamond earrings, the there are many things which helps you make the most of the possibilities.

Brilliant, Diamond and Other Concepts That Are Confused

Although they seem synonymous, they are not. Jewel Style offers a detailed explanation that can be summarized as follows: the diamond is the stone, rough, and 'bright' is the type of size, regardless of the material that is applied. It is true that the round cut, called 'in brilliant', is the most popular for those who seek engagement rings and hence the confusion. The correct thing would be to speak of 'a diamond with brilliant cut'.

What Is A Carat, How Much Does It Cost And How Many Carats Should The Ring Have?

i There is a way to know what is the cost and quality of a cut diamond and responds to a rule with four C's (in English at least): the weight (carat), the color (color), the size (cut) and the purity (clarity). Those four parameters mark the price of the diamond.

ii Regarding clarity and color (not only are they white, there are black, green, red diamonds), it is advisable to check this box to know what modalities exist. If what you are looking for is an adjusted price with a good result, experts advise choosing the medium color, with yellow tones (H and I values) and a clarity or purity of SI (small inclusions); that is, small marks that are seen with magnifying glasses of at least 10 magnifications, hardly to the naked eye, and that are hardly differentiated from other purer ones to inexperienced eyes and are much more affordable.

iii The most usual size, in the form of bright, has a diameter very similar to that of a cigarette and has 57 faces. There are other sizes (in heart, oval, pear, triangle ...) that depend on the gemologist; in terms of weight, it is measured in carats and is one of the biggest concerns of buyers and is divided into sections or thresholds. A trick to get good prices is to run away from the 'whole' weights and look around. That is, not necessarily go to half a carat or one, when by 0.30 - 0.95 carats is paid less, without much difference.

Diamond prices increase exponentially for each carat, and not linearly, so if you want one carat, you should buy one of 0.97; in the case of two carats, it is recommended that it be 1.95. Expert jewelers advise not to exceed 3 carats for comfort and safety, since with a higher weight it can be difficult to carry in a ring (some pass to pendants from there) and will also attract the attention of thieves.

A good quality diamond of 0.30 carats around 600 Euros. Another ring with a diamond of one carat with medium-high values in these four mentioned characteristics can approach the 9,000 Euros.


Buy It In Summer

The best time to buy an engagement ring and also some alliances is the period from June to August, coinciding with the time of greatest wedding celebration. The vast majority is committed outside of that summer period.

Jewelers remember that in those low seasons you can be more flexible with prices. It is preferable not to buy any amazing ring before or during Christmas, since at that time they are very volatile and can even bend.

About Imitations and Other Important Details

To have proof that the diamond is authentic, in addition to going to a professional jeweler, it is necessary to look for the Kimberley certificate, where the traceability of the jewel will be reflected and guarantee that it does not come from illegal operations.


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