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How to Stack Rings for a Fashionable Look
Thursday, 08 December 2022

It's possible to create beautiful art on your hands by layering and stacking multiple rings on your fingers. A beautifully-stacked hand full of rings is a fast-growing fashion trend that will set you apart from the crowd. Plus, the look is easy to put together if you keep a few simple rules in mind. Here, we tell you more about creating the perfect ring stack that's totally Insta-worthy. Keep reading to rock this trendy jewelry look in style.

On-Trend Metal Rings

Metal rings are perfect if you’re new to the layering and stacking style. Available in varied styles, colors, and silhouettes, the best part about metal rings is that you can create a custom look that's best suited for your skin tone, personal style, and comfort fit.

Mix and Match Metals

Don't be afraid to mix and match metals, as it's a very trendy thing to do and pairs well with a variety of looks and outfits. Silver and gold rings can be stacked together, with different shades of gold, such as the trendy rose gold metal, thrown in for a chic look.

Matching Metals

Stacked metal rings will give you a striking look when you combine rings with different textures and dimensions. For example, start with a thick metal band and layer with dainty silhouettes featuring textures, motifs, or engravings. Keeping rings in the same family of metal creates a uniform look, which prevents the stack from looking too flashy.

Personalized Metal Rings

If you love custom jewelry, stacking is a great way to flaunt your unique style. Personalized rings with names, initials, secret codes, or symbols engraved on them can be layered on a single finger or worn on multiple fingers to create an exclusive style that reflects your personality. We love personalized rings in brushed metal tones for an antique appeal that pairs well with casual outfits such as a plain tee and denim jeans.

Statement Rings

Statement or cocktail rings can be used to create a stacked effect. However, pairing them with complementing ring styles is crucial. Wearing too many bold pieces will be an overkill and can spoil the look. If you love cocktail rings and want to sport your favorite piece as part of the stack, opt for that single piece and pair it with lightweight rings that will balance everything out. For example, a chunky green gemstone ring on the pointer finger can be paired with delicate metal bands on other fingers for a captivating look that’s still very wearable and elegant.

Thumb Rings

Thumbs rings are great accessories for your metal ring stack. Thumb rings are unique pieces that will embolden your style. Pair a statement thumb ring with stylish pieces on other fingers to create a beautifully layered look. Thumb rings with skull or RIP motifs engraved on them are stylish accessories that add more oomph to your stacked ring look.

Colorful Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings are a great way to add color and a dash of fun to your jewelry look. However, you do need to be careful when it comes to layering differently colored gemstones. Neutral-colored gemstones, such as diamonds and clear crystal, can serve as the anchor for the layered finish. Start with a diamond ring and pile on other gemstone-encrusted rings to create a mix and match look. Since diamonds and clear crystals complement most colors, stacking rings around a diamond ring will help create a well-balanced and refined stack.

It’s also important to stick to one color palette if you’re working with multiple gemstone rings. Pairing gemstone rings with a common color thread or complementary hues ensures your fingers don’t end up looking like a rainbow! We love the ocean-themed gemstone rings that pair well with pastels and white outfits. To create this soothing ring stack, combine turquoise rings with opal and lapis lazuli in brushed silver setting for a hip look.

For bolder appeal, combine rubies with garnets or gemstones in purple or pink. We recommend pairing dainty rings with smaller gemstones set in metal bands for a classy stack. You can never go wrong with this style, and it's a safe bet for beginners looking to ace the stacked ring trend. If you're wearing chunkier rings with large gemstones, stick to wearing not more than a piece or two on each finger. This will balance out the entire look, giving your hands a polished look without looking loud or flashy.

Midi Rings

For a groovy stack, opt for midi rings that are making a splash on fashion runways this season. We love how midi rings bring in a fun factor to the layered ring trend and are easy to incorporate. Sitting on your finger, just above the lower knuckle, midi rings will enhance your ring stack like noother!

If you love minimalist fashion and want to keep your ring stack super simple, we suggest wearing nothing but delicate midi rings on 2-3 fingers. Mix and match silhouettes, such as a round band and a V-shaped ring for a textured look. Finish with red nail color for a flawless look that makes a bold style statement without much fuss! This look is perfect for everyday wear and is workplace-approved.

Midi rings with a shield or tube design are great to layer with ornate cocktail rings or gemstone rings for a striking look that's great for women who love bold fashion. Bigger midi rings look best in metals such as silver and gold to balance out the colorful look of gemstone rings.

Recycling Your Old Rings

Stacking and layering is a great way to show some love to your old rings, which you’ve ceased to wear. Combine vintage rings with modern silhouettes to give your fingers a fresh makeover. For example, your grandma’s heirloom piece will pair brilliantly with a modern midi ring, blending antique with contemporary. You can even combine your wedding band or engagement solitaire with a colorful cocktail ring for a new spin on a classic ring.

Geometric Shapes

Rings with unique shapes and silhouettes give your stack a modern update and add more visual interest. We love linear rings or triangular-shaped rings, in combination with simple circular bands, for a stylish stack that makes a beautiful style statement without looking too flashy.
Top Factors to Keep in Mind When Sporting Stacked Rings

Though stacking rings is trendy, pay attention to other aspects such as additional jewelry pieces, outfit choice, nail paint color, etc. to ensure your overall look is well-balanced and stylish.

Other Jewelry Items

Stacked rings are eye-catching, and depending on the overall look you want to create, choose subtle hand jewelry or opt for statement pieces. For an elegant appeal, we recommend not wearing bracelets, so that your layered rings can unveil their magic. If you want to go all out and sport a chic boho vibe, layering bracelets alongside stacked rings is a great idea. Metal bracelets go well with stacked metal rings, making your hands the focal point of your look.

For everyday wear, pair layered rings with statement earrings and an elegant pendant necklace, which complements most outfits, leaving the wrists bare. For example, a casual romper looks stylish when paired with metal stacked rings, a pair of hoop earrings, and a metal choker or a simple pendant necklace.

Pairing Similar Rings Together

Stacking rings isn't just about putting together every possible color and style of rings you own. Instead, focus on blending rings with similar materials. For example, metal rings look best when paired together, rather than combining them with cocktail rings featuring multi-colored gemstones. With gemstone rings, too, blend gemstones in similar tones and hues for a well-put-together look.

Not Going Overboard

If you’re keen on dressing up all fingers on a hand, stick to just one ring per finger, which provides the perfect balance of detailing without looking too loud. For those wanting to stack rings one over the other, keep at least one finger bare in between. Stick to the same pattern on both hands for a consistent pattern.

Paying Attention to Your Nails

The main objective of stacking rings is to draw attention to your hands, especially the fingers. Ensure your nails are in top shape by giving them a lavish manicure treatment. Opt for a nail paint that matches your skin tone, so that the entire look comes together perfectly. We love metallic rings with a pearly nail paint color. Gemstone rings look great with neutral or pastel nail colors, while a bold nail paint color such as red or orange is great for stacked rings featuring delicate styles and midi rings.

Stacking rings is all about bringing to the fore your creativity and personal style. With our guidelines and touch of your own inspiration, you’ll be able to create a trendy stacked ring style that will help you ace this popular jewelry trend. Remember, there's no right or wrong way of doing this. All that matters is your confidence and expression in pulling off this fashionable jewelry style.


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