Lip fillers: Beauty Trend Which Obsessed American Women

According to the report of the American society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), lip augmentation turned out to be the fastest gaining popularity procedure with the usage of dermal fillers in the USA. The fastest development was firstly registered in large cities. For example, the statistic data concerned lip injections in NYC reveals that over 30% of women aged between 19 and 40 addressed to lip fillers NYC. At the present moment, the general price for the procedure of lip augmentation in NYC is about 120$ for one session, which makes it affordable for large masses.

The trend for plumped lips, which skyrocketed in America, is, to some extent, conditioned by the fast growing popularity of Instagram and other social media platforms. The enormous number of glamorous girls and celebrities posting their photos makes ordinary women concern about the fact that may not correspond to the modern beauty standards. This is the reason why today more and more women address to various cosmetology procedures.

Among all procedures using face fillers, lip augmentation is the most popular one due to its simplicity and affordability. Nowadays, the majority of women in America give preference to lip fillers based on hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid represents a natural substance extracted from the molecule of sugar. Hyaluronic acid lip fillers have a number of advantages over other lip fillers. For example, before hyaluronic acid started to be implemented for dermal fillers, lip augmentation procedure was basically performed using collagen fillers. However, if choosing between these two today, the Americans choose hyaluronic acid. Its advantage is that while being injected, it does s not only plump up your lips, but also provides a certain hydration.

Another advantage of hyaluronic filler is that it is a perfect procedure to just create a beautiful natural contour to your lips, in case you do not want to add big volume. The procedure is very simple in its performance. It is done using microneedles to minimize the pain. In case you are extremely sensitive to pain, numbing cream can also be applied. You will be able to see the changes right after the procedure, however, to fully evaluate the received result, cosmetologists recommend to wait a few days, as right after the procedure a little swelling and bruises are possible.

The effect may last for about six months, as with time hyaluronic acid is naturally absorbed by your cells. The procedure can be unlimitedly repeated. However, what you should carefully think about before you go for the procedure is the reliability of the place, where you decide to do it.

Always choose only certificated clinics with a good reputation. Do not be seduced by some doubtful places because their prices are lower, as with the popularity of the procedure, there are unfortunately, certain people, who want to just make money on it proposing not certificated products, so be very attentive while choosing a specialist.

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