Male Celebrities Who Wear Elevator Shoes

 If you are feeling a bit shy or insecure about increasing your height by wearing elevator shoes, then maybe knowing that your favorite celebrities rock them too will make you a tad bit comfortable. The following list features a couple of Hollywood celebrities who do not shy away from increasing their height by wearing raised shoes. These men have tapped into the beauty of choosing your height every single day simply by wearing the right pair of shoes. 

 Daniel Radcliffe

The boy who lived is definitely living his best life every time he rocks a pair of elevator shoes. The boy wonder from the Harry Potter series stands at a height of 5 foot 5 but you will spot him on the red carpet looking way taller than his original height, which is all thanks to the magic of elevator shoes.

Brad Pitt

One of the sexiest men alive stands at a decent height of 5 foot 11 but he still wears elevator shoes because his dreams of being much taller are still valid. Brad Pitt wearing shoes that make him taller goes to show that height elevation is not for short people only. Anyone can wear height increasing shoes because the power to choose your ideal height is in your hands, or is it feet?

Mick Jagger

Is there anything that the legendary Mick Jagger cannot do? Mick Jagger has been a style icon throughout his career more so due to his daring fashion sense that sees him willing to try out a new style or even launch a new style to the fashion industry. He has been spotted wearing elevator shoes on several occasions which is no surprise seeing as his late girlfriend L’Wren Scott stood at an outstanding 6 foot 4. With a model girlfriend by your side, you definitely need to match the height by wearing a bold pair of elevator boots or shoes. With that said, why don’t you move like Jagger in your favorite pair of raised shoes. 
Robert Downey Jr.

Our favorite superhero is a big fan of elevator shoes. Robert has a fairly decent height of 5 foot 8 but his on-screen superhero status is probably encouraging him to boost his height off-camera with a myriad of elevator shoes that he often wears to parties and red carpet events. You will definitely catch Robert wearing a pretty pair of elevator sneakers as he struts the streets of Hollywood signing autographs for the fans. 

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell often dons suspiciously long pants that drape over the heels of his shoes, which makes many people assume that he is hiding a height boost from his shoes. Dear Simon, height increasing is nothing to be ashamed about, but we understand you have to keep a certain demeanor in the streets. Simon often wears a pair of leather dress shoes with an elevated heel, which definitely adds a few inches to his height. His height elevation works for both casual and formal fashion styles.

From this list of your favorite celebrities, you can clearly see that anyone can wear elevator shoes. Well, anyone except Sultan Kösen, who is the tallest man alive right now standing at 8 ft 2.82 in. As such, you should find your favorite pair of elevator shoes or boots from the GuidoMaggi catalogue and choose your ideal height today.
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