Planning a Surprise Gift for a Friend's Wedding - Here are Some Suggestions
Saturday, 17 November 2018

With the wedding season coming to bloom, you see your friends tying the knots and the journey is bittersweet. The whole scenario of the families gathering, the bride and the groom looking splendid in their dresses and the pure joyful expressions on their faces. It is like you are witnessing a fairytale. So when you want to gift something to the couple or to your friend, you choose carefully, you plan for days and even months. Heck, you start planning from the moment they got engaged!

While you know what sort of gift your friend would like and want, it is still a task to finalize it. In such instances, it will be a great idea to surprise them. Your friend would expect you to give them something that they want but you can always present them with something that they would need on this new journey of theirs. While a simple gold chain for couples works, it has become too mainstream. Also, you need to keep a budget in mind because your friend will not be too happy to see you go bankrupt for them.

There are a few unique ideas for wedding gifts:

  1. Gifting household items is a good idea because you can never have too many crockery or cutlery sets. Microwavable bowls and trays are ideal for the household. You can safely invest in them and not worry about your friend not liking it.
  2. The same goes for bedsheets and bedcover sets. These are well within your budget and you can even splurge and gift them one set for every season! In fact, you can make an assortment of room wise items, like a bedroom kit or a dining room kit.
  3. Electronics are a good idea, be it iron kit or coffee maker, electronics makes life easier. You can even gift an electronic gift voucher so that your friend can pick what they want.
  4. Personalized quotes and pictures embedded in a classy marble slab will make excellent centerpieces and your friend will not only flaunt it with pride, but it will make your presence felt in the house. Since it is for your friend, you can even go creative with any funny story of just a line to ignite her most embarrassingly funny moments. Personalized gifts are always a winner.
  5. In case you want to play safe, you can gift your friend a voucher to buy diamond jewellery online. After all, diamond is a girl’s best friend, after chocolates of course!
While you can never give enough gifts to show how much you love your friend, how special they are and how much you care for them, it is your presence on their special day which matters the most to them. This journey, though new and exciting, is also anxiety filled and with you holding them up, your friend and her family will be more than happy. That smile which is on their face, well you are a reason for it too.
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