Revival of the 2000s style in 2020
Saturday, 05 September 2020

 Every decade in history keeps its fashionable moments and iconic styles that leave infinite impressions that we cannot forget and wish to readopt in modern times. But as we know, it is not possible to travel back in time yet. We have a chance to replicate those fashion statements when it comes to style.

 Today's fashion industry feels nostalgic for the early 2000s. It was an era when fashion was defined by orange spray tans, bare midriffs, with tinny tiny handbags and tinier strappy sandals. Do you ever wish to wear these trends again?

Plenty of the ought's style staples are returning in 2020, and many online shops are offering the clothes and accessories that look like as they are right from the early 2000s. Here is a small list of 2000s outfit style, and fashion trends that are making a powerful comeback this year:
  • Relive the dream of wearing low rise jeans:
Yes, you read it right low rise jeans are coming back, so be ready to air out your hip bones. Though wearing low rise jeans is not about looking like Paris Hilton, but surely everyone will love them just like we love sailor pants.
  • What do you think about Denim on Denim?
Do you know what the most sacred fashion rule of this decade is?

Denim on denim is on top of the fashion don'ts. But now it is the time to break the rules in a low-key way and pair your favorite denim jacket with jeans. This is a style that is slowly becoming trendier thanks to Kendall Jenner. In fact, you don't need to stop at denim jeans and jacket, but try a denim skirt, denim blouse, and even denim hat also.
  • Button up vests:
In the 2000s, button-up vests were favorite because of being so versatile. You can now wear it sola as a top, layered over a tea, and with cuffed capris and the peep-toe platform also just like Rihanna.
  • Gauchos:
The 2000s was the time when Stretchy gauchos were every preteen's precursor to yoga pants. These are comfortable like yoga pants and yet stylish, but are also unflattering enough on the backside. 
  • Halter top:
Maybe you think Halter top was a pain in the neck because its strap tat always dug into the back of the neck. This neckline continues to come in and out of style. Once again, this style is making a comeback with the baggy low rise jeans and the belt.
  • Flirty summer dresses:
Bold colors and busy prints were a significant part of the early 2000s, and that is why for a summer holiday staple, flirty fit and flare style dresses were a symbol of style, elegance, and grace. This trend will also be revived once again in 2020 with little adjustments with color options and prints.
  • Crochet dresses:
Crochet dresses are again having a moment; to give you a cool new look. This sophisticated style is ready to be the part of our wardrobes again with provocative weaves and knitted pullovers to give a slightly bohemian look.

This iconic aesthetic from the 2000s started creeping back into our lives once again. Be ready to enjoy seeing again your teenagehood fashion favorites who will take you down memory lane once again.
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