Spring 2008 Fashion Week: Best Finds

Active ImageNow when it’s winter all around the best thing that you can do is… no, not sleeping under the warm blanket – it’s the best time to work up your spring beauty and fashion image! Now you can check the latest fashion ideas and create your new fresh stylish spring image! So stop sleeping and watch the best fashion finds for Spring 2008!




Alexander McQueen

With his continually provocative shows and outrageous designs, Alexander McQueen has solidified his reputation as the bad boy of fashion. The designer's potent mix of controversy, creativity, and technical mastery has earned him three British Designer of the Year awards and a faithful celebrity following. If you want to express your unusual and provocative nature – McQueen collection is right for you!

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Christian Dior

In 1949 Christian Dior changed the direction of mid-century fashion with his extravagantly feminine "New Look." Today, the label's head designer John Galliano has established the look of the "Anything Goes" era with his own extreme makeover of the house. If you want to emphasize your feminine look – Dior spring collection will be the best choice!

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Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana’s aesthetic is anything but coy: They will gleefully squeeze as much excess as is humanly possible into each show-stopping piece, whether a jacket, dress, or suit. Devastatingly sexy, fetishistic designs and a characteristically Italian aesthetic; every collection would look at home on the set of a Fellini movie. Richly colored animal prints, underwear-as-outerwear, pinstripe suits, and plenty of black are all configured in a provocative way.

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Valentino is a master of elegance and opulence. The Italian designer made his mark early on creating luxurious gowns with intricate detailing and tastefully body-conscious silhouettes. The fabrics tend to be both delicate and rich—laces, chiffons, and silk crepe, along with wool, leather, and suede. Distinctively sexy and beautiful. You can never be too rich or too thin with Valentino.

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Sensual, luxurious with rock-and-roll edges. Under Tom Ford, Gucci became the preferred wardrobe for international high-powered people who believe that sex appeal is an important part of social interaction. Slithery fabrics, body-conscious cuts, and bold accessories that frankly flaunt their provenance.

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