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Tuesday, 09 July 2019

 So the much-anticipated wedding of your special crony is coming up. You can’t wait to hear them say “I do” at the altar and share that romantic kiss of a lifetime. 

 More excitingly, you have been selected to be her bridesmaid. For that special honor she has accorded you, are you going to wear that your tired out pajamas (begging to be retired) to the show or the photo shoot? 

No, you want to rock and glitter. To “confiscate” as many eyeballs as possible in captivation. Who knows, your missing rib may as well be among those eyeballs. Yet, landing your hands on that perfect bridesmaid robe that makes you the center of attraction in the show is no easy feat. 

For one thing, there are so many bridesmaids apparel that you could literally drown in them. Well, let us save you the nightmare of having to choose among thousands of bridesmaid dresses on the internet and local shops. Here we will help you identify the primary features you should be looking out for in your bridesmaid outfit. This will streamline your search, simplifying it massively. 

What style do you want?

When you go shopping for your outfit, you are very likely to come across three styles for your bridesmaid robes

The spa robes are very common

This style is strewn across the generality of weddings today. They are made from soft cotton. Spa robes aren’t tight fitting and are very loose and comfortable. In most scenarios, one kind of these spa robes fits the whole team.

You will readily come across the wrap robes

For those lovers of peculiarity, you can go with the wrap robes. This type as you can infer is more customized to your exclusive taste as a bridesmaid. They are more precisely tailored and thinner. 

Wrap robes are commonly made from polyester materials and rarely silk. Keep in mind that if you end up with wrap robes made from acetate, you would be drilling yourself regularly through dry watching. Just like acetate, robes made from rayon criminally wrinkle a lot. 
Of late, Kimono robes have been winning it

The bandwagon of bridesmaids who love kimono robes has been swelling voluminously of late. This is because kimono robes toast together the special features of wrap robes (like looser sleeves) and spa robes (like full sleeves). Being a middle-solution between the distinct spar and wrap robes, many bridesmaids have fallen for its charm.  

Thus kimono robes give you wrap bridal dresses with yet the customary comfort of spa robes. Also, kimono is a step ahead of spa robes when it comes to stylishness. The choice is all yours.
You also have to consider the length

No need for a bridesmaid robes that drags around the ground – the room probably has already been swept. This doesn’t mean you should alternatively squeeze yourself into a skimpy bridal wear that struggles to even cover your backside. 

The ideal length we will recommend for your bridesmaid clothes should be somewhere in the region of 32’’ as measured from the bottom hem to the neck’s base.

A wedding is a ceremony of love; therefore it is an order to look lovely. Step into Zynotti’s bridesmaid clothing and kill the show – don’t take the prisoners! On Zynotti, you also enjoy free shipping on all U.S. orders over $150
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