The Status Symbol: 5 Luxury Watches for Fashionably Stylish Men

In the past, most men were considered “brutes” when it came to fashion. Today, men know a thing or two about dressing up for the occasion. When it comes to a business meeting, a guy can show up wearing something formal while at the same time, feel comfortable. Another example is when a guy is out with a date and tries to wear smart casual attire.

Whatever men wear, everyone can agree that a look isn’t complete without a watch. Yes, a watch is one of the most common accessories that most men have in their wardrobes. Not only does it tell its wearer the time, but it also completes their look.

For the most part, some watches also have this luxurious feel about them. In fact, these watches turn heads and make people realize that the people wearing them are status symbols. Here are some of those watches that you can add to your wardrobe to get that awesome look.

Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Meca-10

When it comes to men’s luxury watches, Hublot is at the upper echelon, along with other luxury brands. The Spirit of Big Bang Meca-10, in particular, is a watch that a lot of men would love to have in their collections. The watch comes in three versions, namely titanium, king gold alloy, and ceramic black. When you go and find a Hublot Watch to add to your collection, make sure that it’s the Spirit Of Big Bang Meca-10.

Rolex GMT-Master II 16710

Another household name in watches, Rolex has been producing the best watches since 1905. Just like the Citizen watch collection, Rolex has never been behind in any aspect of their designs and innovations. Ask anyone about watch brands and they most likely will have Rolex on their list first. When it comes to being a status symbol, you can’t go wrong with Rolex. One of the best watches to come out from the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer is the GMT-Master II 16710.

Don’t let the lengthy name fool you; this classic timepiece isn’t just all letters. The watch has a ton of features that will make it worthy for any luxurious guy to wear or have. Speaking of features, the watch has a steel case that’s water-resistant up to a hundred meters. The watch is also powered by a Rolex Caliber 3285.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional

Speedmasters are some of the best watches to come out of Omega. As the name suggests, the Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional has witnessed one of the most significant events in human history: The Moon landing. An astronaut wore the Speedmaster during the famous Apollo 11 mission.

Wearing the Moonwatch Professional makes you feel like you’re wearing a part of history. Aside from its storied past, the watch is powered with the iconic Calibre 1863. The 42mm chronograph’s design also stands out due to its hands coated in Super-Luminova. You can also choose between a bracelet or a leather strap.

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 5270P

Although this watch was released around 2011, the Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 5270P is still a watch that most men would want in their wardrobe. With a 41mm platinum case and unique salmon dial, it’s no wonder why the demand for this watch is high. The watch also features a water-resistant case, manual winding movement, and is powered by a Caliber CH 29-535 PS Q.

Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945

Founded in 1856, Girard-Perregaux is a watch company that has earned its reputation among luxury watch owners. Many consider watches coming out of this company as exclusive and collector’s pieces as they produce limited quantities each year.

Perhaps one of the best watches to come out of the company is the Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945. The watch can come in a silver, white, or black square face. You can also choose between a brown band or black leather. Although the watch is relatively simple in its looks, one can only imagine the elegance this watch brings when worn by a person in style.


When it comes to accessories, watches are on the top of every man’s list. Not only do watches tell the date and time, but they also provide men an elite look. If you want to be considered as a status symbol, then the five watches mentioned above are the best bets to have in your collection.
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