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Tips for choosing the right color for girls prom dress
Saturday, 05 November 2016

Prom is short for promenade. Prom was inspired by the debutant ball. Debutant ball was held by the elite society. The main purpose of the debutant ball was to show to the society that their daughters have come to certain age. In this way, they can find a perfect suitor to marry. The history of prom can be traced back to 1800. At that time, prom was only held in college and universities. It was a formal event in which couple used march in the ballroom when their name was publically announced.

During 1900, prom started to gain popularity in high school. Students used wear their best Sunday dress for this high school occasion. After the world war two, prom becomes more prominent. The struggle to out shine in prom stared when prom got shifted from school gym clubs. Students start taking great deal of stress to find a perfect dress so they can get prominent in prom.

Students sometimes go alone and sometimes in group to find their perfect dress. The struggle to find the perfect is not only common in girls but also in boys. Everyone wants to look stunning and beautiful. There are two main aspects to monitor when looking for a dress. One is style and other is color. It is very important to choose the right color. Nowadays, everyone color is acceptable. Weather it is metallic, gold, white, blue or green. As there are so many colors available, it is difficult to choose the right one. Here are some tips which can help you to narrow down your choice.

o What is the theme of prom? The color of prom dress is somewhat influence by the prom theme. You should always consider the prom theme before choosing a prom dress. If the theme of the prom dress is classic or fairy tale. Then you should consider wearing soft and light colors like white, ocean blue. If the theme is hip and trendy then you should wear metallic colors.


o Does that color look better on me? The complexion of your skin has great impact on the color of your dress. Those girls who have dark complexion, dark colors will better suitable to you. Colors like midnight blue, crimson, and magenta. Girls with fair complexion has better luck with light colors like corals, soft tangerine and light raspberry.


o Do not try to overdo it. In order to look perfect, please don’t try overdo it. Don’t try to outshine your partner.

o What color is your date wearing? In the struggle to look your best, many girls plan their prom things months in advance and buy their prom dress beforehand. To make your prom memorable for the rest your life, you should coordinate your dress with your date. The general rule for color coordinating is that if you are wearing bright and bold colors, then he will look best in black. If you choose soft and light colors, then he should choose white or light gray. Nowadays there is a new trend that couples try to match even small details of their outfits. Don’t do that, even a slight difference of shade can look disastrous.


By following these few tips, you can have a perfect dress. And don’t forget to enjoy your prom


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