What’s Trending? Off-The-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses!

 Off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dresses are undoubtedly sexy, without being inappropriate. The shoulders and collarbones are a beautiful part of women of all shapes and sizes, so why not show them off? 

 Here’s how to make the most of off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dresses for your wedding. 

Why choose an off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dress?

There are very few women who really suit a high-neck dress. It can make many women look heavier than they are, and can often pull and pucker around the bust area. Off-the-shoulder dresses, on the other hand, allow the neckline to fall at a flattering area just above the cleavage for an effortlessly well-fitted look.  

By keeping the shoulders and decolletage clear and open, the face and hair are perfectly framed and not overshadowed by the dress. You can choose some amazing earrings and makeup looks for your girls, knowing they’ll be perfectly showcased by a frame of beautiful shoulders. 

And finally...it gives your bridesmaids the perfect excuse to get a spray tan and a relaxing body scrub! 

Consider length:

Dresses which show off the shoulders and decolletage lend themselves perfectly to floor-length styles. Long bridesmaid dresses can sometimes look a little too formal. But if the shoulders are on show with a relaxed, off-the-shoulder style, they can actually look totally bohemian and gorgeous. For a sleek, sophisticated look, you could also opt for a midi-dress with a fitted pencil style. Add a low neckline sweeping across the chest and exposing the shoulders, chest and upper back. Beautiful. 

Consider accessories: 

The beauty of off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dresses is that you can choose extravagant jewelry, especially earrings. You can perfectly frame a pair of statement earrings with a bare shoulder, or even add a short necklace to draw attention to the decolletage. Your bridesmaids could have free license to choose their own jewelry and accessories, so they can add a little of their own style. 

Consider hair styling:

Off-the-shoulder dresses lend themselves really well to all hair lengths. For gals with short or bobbed hair, the neckline is perfectly displayed. Ladies with long locks can keep the neckline and shoulders clear with a pretty updo, or have their tresses cascading gently down their bare shoulders. Whichever you choose, it will look classic and gorgeous. High or detailed necklines can tend to get a little messy or “busy” with the wrong hair styling. 

Throw some glow on the skin:

Really show off the beauty of an off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dress by giving the shoulders and decolletage a touch of glow. Cream and powder highlighters are the perfect way to give the shoulders a luminous, healthy look. A dusting across the collarbones, on the tops of the shoulders and down the arms will be plenty. 

Off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dresses are a fantastic choice for your wedding. Show a little skin without being too sexy, and give your girlfriends a chance to show off their favorite jewelry and glowy, wedding-ready skin. 
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