When Is the Perfect Age for One to Start Applying Makeup?

 Makeup has become a norm for many ladies. No matter how naturally beautiful a woman is, she has to apply some bit of makeup for her to feel comfortable. The rationale behind makeup is to enhance the cosmetic quality of people and improve their attractiveness. While the past generation used to apply makeup's only during functions and celebrations, the current generation has made it a routine activity. Even the young ladies who are in their teenage bracket apply makeup. What role is makeup supposed to play? Learn from the below points.

 Makeup Products Affect Your Skin

Moisturizers, exfoliators, smoothers and skin lighteners are the commonly used cosmetic products. These products affect the skin in one way or another. 

Whichever way these products work, they manage to improve the beauty of people. Naturally, the skin of a young person from 1-30 years contains all properties in perfect amounts. It contains enough hyaluronic acid, it contains enough connective tissue, it contains enough natural nourishment products. That age bracket does not need makeup for one to look beautiful or attractive unless there is a medical condition like acne. Makeup doesn’t cure acne by the way. A mere application of oil like black seed oil on your skin is enough for such people of that age.

30 Years and Above You Can Apply Makeup

At 30, most hormones like testosterone start declining. Hyaluronic acid which binds skin layers together also starts to diminish. This means fine aging lines around your eyes start to appear. The connective tissue inside the skin start to reduce so skin water retention capacity reduces and you start experiencing a lot of skin dryness. Owing to these fluctuations, it is logical for a person to apply. You apply makeup products that contain synthetic products which will help in the production of components under degradation.

There Comes a Time Makeup Doesn’t Help

Aging is a natural process designed by nature itself. There comes a time when no matter how many tones of moisturizers you apply or how many Botox injections, you would not be able to get rid of wrinkles or skin dryness. Apply makeup on the appropriate age bracket and stop when it doesn’t add any significant value on your cosmetic integrity.  Age 50 and above is normally a time to cease from applying makeup. This is because it will not be adding any significant value, all you need to do is to make sure you focus.

Use Makeup with Natural Ingredients

Any makeup is meant to improve some aspect of skin beauty. Know the appropriate kind of makeup to apply so that you only improve the part of your skin that needs improvement. Natural products are well-tolerated by the skin because they don’t contain any kind of chemicals in them. Artificial products can introduce adverse reactions on your skin especially if applied in large quantities at all. You can look at the ingredients to know if they are manmade or natural before you apply any of it on your face.


Not all ages are for makeup so make sure you apply makeup only on the appropriate age. You will be able to benefit from makeup only if you apply it on the appropriate time. Don’t apply lots of products, choose specific brands like black seed oil and apply so that you don’t introduce adverse reactions.


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