Your guide to grow a thick beard in simple fast steps

You need to grow a beard and the decision is hard because you think it requires time and money. Sure, beards are a trend for more than two years and it attracts both the adults and young men. If you follow celebrities, you will find that most of them grow a beard as a new looking style for nowadays. Most noteworthy, a beard is a sign of maturity and it reflects some manly features. In the old days, they grow beards as an indication of strength and fertility. They considered bearded men to have wisdom and some leadership abilities.


Growing a beard is not an easy task, because you need to follow some beard grooming tips to have the best results. However, you can make this process easy if you have the appropriate hereditary genes and male hormones, which are responsible for beard growth. Nevertheless, you can motivate beard growth by many ways and different techniques to have the style you dreamt.

Basic factors that affect beard growth

Our biological and physical features determine the way our bodies perform towards hair growing. Hair grows on the scalp and other parts of the body, but each part has its own characteristics that drive hair to grow. In addition, hair growth depends on various factors such as life style and diet.
No doubt that hair is like a plant, which needs some basic nutritional elements to grow fast and strong. One of the essential factors to grow strong hair is to have enough sleeping time at night. Sleeping gives your beard the opportunity to have enough rest to recover and restore food and other elements in the hair follicles. When you sleep for more than 6 hours at night, your testosterone levels increase. These male hormones are responsible for all the masculine features of the body such as beard growth.
Some other minor factors that affect beard growth are alcohol, bad sleeping habits and abandoning sports. First, alcohol has many side effects on male hormones, which may reduce beard growth. It has a direct relation with blood flow. As a result, misusing alcohol affects the circular system of the body and reduces the amount of blood flow in both the scalp and beard. Your hair needs blood that carries all nutritional elements and other growth factors.
Second, when you sleep, you drive your glands to produce suitable amounts of hormones required for beard growth and strength. These hormones do their work while sleeping, so if you are awake, their work will be not that good.
Third, weight lifting and other sports that depend on hard activities will help you motivate your beard growth. They have the ability to increase blood flow that carries growth factors and other nutritional factors. They also protect your skin and hair from weather changes and other reasons of hair loss. Consequently, doing sports will motivate your glands to produce male hormones better than before, so you will notice the results on your beard growth. In addition, weight lifting will make your digestion system to work better, as your body will need much cell metabolism.
Fourth, some medications and prescriptions have negative effects on beard growth. Especially, the medications that contain hormones such as androgen and testosterone motivators and stimulators.Finasteride is the go to treatment for hair loss in men.
Finally, some hair-grooming product may affect beard growth by many ways. If these products contain formulated or synthetized chemical ingredients, they will increase bread hair breakage, damaging and loss. The common chemical ingredients that causes these effects are parabens, phthalates and anti-androgenic formulas. Be sure to use beard-grooming kits that does not contain any of these chemical formulas.

How to boost your beard growth naturally

Your beard growth may be a matter of consideration if you have some problems with thick and long beard growing. Many ways will help you achieve the style and shape of beard you want. You need to follow some steps that help in thick beard growth.
First, eating habits has a direct relation to any biological or physical activities. You should organize a dietary program, which will support your beard with the essential nutrients. Your diet should contain some poultry, meat, eggs and other sources rich in proteins. The more you insert complementary nutrients in your diet, the fast growth of your beard.
Second, some psychological factors can affect your beard and overall health. Stress is a matter of consideration, when you seek to motivate beard growth.
Third, doing exercises will enhance your blood flow in your facial skin cells and hair follicles. These activities can also manage beard follicles recovery and stimulate hair growth. Exercising can enhance your glands to produce male hormones that are responsible for beard growth.
Fourth, using beard wash and beard shampoo will help you motivate beard growth. These products have cleansing effects on beard dirt and impurities. They can also exfoliate dead skin cell and layers of the skin that prevent your beard from growth.
Fifth, using dietary supplements can promote beard growth. Your beard needs some essential vitamins and minerals to help beard hair follicles in the recovery and reconstruction of lost hair. Vitamin E, B and A are essential for beard growth and they are found in different natural sources. If your medical examinations show a lack of these vitamins and minerals, you will need to have them from supplement bills available over the counter.
Sixth, in the first three months of beard growth, you will notice that the growing hairs are unkempt and need some control. It is natural, because beard hair grows different from scalp hair. You used to shave these hairs regularly with razors or beard trimmers, and the hair is not accustomed to grow long.
As a result, you will need to use some beard care products available on the market. These products can manage and control shaggy hair of the beard and give you the required style and shape.
In addition, you may feel in this stage of beard growth some beard common issues, such as itching, dandruff, split ends, damaging hair and breakage. In this case, you will need to use a suitable beard oil or beard balm that will give your beard the style you want. They can remove dead skin cells and moisturize your beard to prevent dryness, which is the basic reason of dandruff.
Using beard brushes may help in motivating beard growth by many ways. They manage the untidy hairs on your beard and train them to follow a specific style. The bristles of the brush can reach the deep ends of the beard to exfoliate dead skin cells and motivate blood flow. This will support your beard with enough blood flow that contains basic growth factors.
Finally, you need to be sure that you care for your beard the suitable way with natural ingredients and products. When it comes to your beard, do not forget that you deal with your facial skin, which needs natural ingredients to work on. Following these steps will help you achieve a thick and long beard faster. Do your tasks and leave your beard grow.
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