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6 Emerging Trends Shaping the Future of Personal Fitness Training
Monday, 21 June 2021

The personal fitness training industry is changing, and it's a great time to be in the business. As more people become health-conscious and educated about fitness, they are seeking out professional trainers for their workouts. But as technology continues to evolve rapidly, many of these new trends are emerging, which will change the way we work with our clients. In this blog post, I'll share 6 of those trends you need to know about if you want your business to stay on top!

1) Fitness Streaming Services

Streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have turned into a vast market, with more than 60% of American households subscribing to at least one service. Fitness Streaming Services are becoming increasingly popular, with a rise in people preferring to watch TV shows on their computer screens instead of traditional cable television sets. In March 2018 alone, the streaming service Peloton had more than 400,000 new members.

2) Virtual Coaching Fitness Lessons

More than one-third of people who try to lose weight will give up before they reach their goal. One way to make exercising more feasible is through virtual coaching fitness lessons, which are becoming much more popular in the last few years. Virtual coaching sessions enable trainers to work with clients remotely and online to coach them from anywhere in the world. Virtual help is beneficial for those looking to get started on their fitness journey or who need some guidance to reach their goals.

3) Use of Integrated Fitness Devices

The use of integrated fitness devices is another trend that's shaping the future. Integrated devices can track steps, heart rate, and other vital metrics, meaning you can monitor your health in ways never before possible. For instance, Gymcatch has its booking system which gives users personalized coaching based on what they want to achieve and their current health.
Integrated devices also provide a way of gamifying exercise, which is motivating for many people who want to get moving but don't like the idea of going to the gym or working out on their own. Adding these elements into fitness trainers' offerings can make it more enjoyable and interactive for their clients.

4) Use of Virtual Reality in Training

The future of fitness is also going to depend on the impact virtual reality will have on it. VR for fitness can be seen as a supplement, where people use VR to complement their workout or training session that they're already doing in person instead of replacing them entirely. This allows users to achieve their fitness goals while still enjoying the experience.
Virtual reality isn't just for gaming or getting a glimpse into other worlds. It can also be used to get fit in the comfort of your own home without any equipment. There are already fitness apps like Zombies Run that use VR as an immersive workout and programs like Fit TV, where you can stream workouts from professional trainers onto your computer or VR headset from the comfort of your home.

5) Group Workouts

One of the most popular trends in fitness is group workouts. With more and more people working from home or traveling for work, it's becoming difficult to find someone else who wants to work out when you're feeling restless and bored at your desk all day. Group workouts let users share their commitment with others, so they don't give up on themselves while still working and living a busy life.

6) Holistic Fitness

Another major trend in the fitness world is holistic fitness, which focuses on physical health and mental and emotional well-being. It's becoming more important to focus on a person's well-being instead of focusing solely on weight loss or getting stronger for an upcoming marathon. Not only does this give people with busy schedules more options, but it can also boost overall performance and mood.


This is how emerging trends in the fitness industry come into play. Trends like group workouts, holistic training, and even virtual coaching all have larger implications for how people can maintain their wellbeing as they live increasingly busy lives-and if you're interested in what's next on the horizon for personal trainers looking to stay ahead of changes coming to the world of fitness.
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