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Austin Alexander Burridge, Fitness Guru, Shares 5 Tricks to Help Start a New Workout Routine
Tuesday, 09 April 2019

Getting started on a workout plan can be hard. How do you make sure you do get started, and then stick to it?

Austin Alexander Burridge, a personal trainer with a wealth of experience, has a few simple tricks that can help anyone begin their journey towards fitness and improving their overall well-being.

Set an official date

Start by looking through your calendar for the big day, aka, the day you will start. Make sure it's a week or so away, so you can give yourself time to get psychologically ready. When you mark the day in your calendar, think of it as an appointment with the doctor. In a way, it is. When you see it as an appointment, you'll feel less inclined to run away from it or avoid it.

Try to work out your reasons for why you want to get fit

When you begin a fitness goal without a clear idea of why you want to get fit, you may find your enthusiasm quickly desert you only a few days into the pursuit. You need to have a reason more specific than simply wanting to look good. The best kinds of goals are tied to a particular season or date. For instance, you may want to get in shape for summer, so you get to wear your swimsuit.

In working out your reasons to want to get fit, ask yourself a few crucial questions. What exactly do you believe you will gain from your new fitness goal? What kind of outcomes do you think you will see from starting exercise?

When you write these questions and answers down and study them, you will see that they begin to make your fitness goal feel real. When the day comes around, you will be ready to get started.

Begin to plan for the day

If you haven't done much working out in the past, it's possible your mind doesn't see itself in the exercise role. If you're to be successful at your goal, it's essential to get your mind in the mental workout space.

Start by picking the gym or fitness class you will attend. Look around, make inquiries, and sign up. You should also think about what kind of clothing and other equipment you will need, and get ready with those. Remember to make it fun! Also, it may even help to think about the little details, such as how much water you will need to take with you and, what kind of route you will take to get to your gym or class. The more you plan, the more real it becomes.
Visualize (and more)

Planning your exercise routine is one form of visualization. Thinking about it, you make it real in your mind. There's more you can do, however. You can imagine in detail what it will be like to go to the gym, pick up the weights and feel their resistance as you lift them. It can even help to make a trip to the gym or fitness class for a dry run. You could pay for just one day to get your feet wet. Getting into your fitness activity before the actual day comes around can help make working out seem easier in your mind.

Plan for your preferences

Some people feel energetic in the morning; others in the evening. Some find the single-person activity of a gym workout feels good; others like the group activity of a fitness class. To make sure you succeed at your fitness resolution, you need to design it to your specific needs. Going with the right time of day and the right kind of activity can help make exercise feel more pleasurable.

Finally, find a Facebook group that helps you commit to your goal. Plenty of groups exist that help you share your successes and challenges with fitness friends online. When you have people to share your journey with, it makes you more conscientious. It can help you care about your fitness goals when you talk to others who are highly motivated. When you share, your chances of succeeding rise greatly.

About Austin Alexander Burridge:

Austin Alexander Burridge is a certified personal trainer and an avid enthusiast of living a balanced life with healthy eating habits and a well-rounded exercise regime. As a personal trainer, Austin instills these values into his clients and guarantees that they achieve their goals over the course of their training, whether it’s in the gym or in the great outdoors.


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